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The middleweight title of the UFC was introduced at UFC 16 from UFC 25 until being vacated and the people who held the middleweight title from those times are light heavyweight fighters, therefore it counts as a light heavyweight title.

1st technical champion: Dave Menne, defeated Gil Castillo (for the vacated middleweight title), held title from UFC 33 until UFC 35. Lost title due to TKO (Strikes)

2nd champion: Murilo Bustamante, defeated Dave Menne, held title from UFC 35 until UFC 37. Lost title due to Vacation.

3rd champion: Evan Tanner, defeated David Terrell (for the new vacated middleweight title), held title from UFC 51 to UFC 53. Lost title due to Doctor Stoppage.

4th champion: Rich Franklin, defeated Evan Tanner, current UFC middleweight champion.
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