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Seems Miletich styles is ruling the MMA world - at least from a UFC perspective. I personally believe nothing can touch Miletich right now, and it'll be on top for a loooooong time. Surley its success is due to the fact that Miletich matches up well againsed almost any other MA or MMA. Just hoping people will post replies with some interesting things about Pat Miletich the man himself, and Miletich fighting systems. It also seems that Miletich trains harder and rougher than almost any other style.

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i would love to train in the militech fighting system, but unfortunately ther are no Militech fighting system schools where i live here in Connecticut.

there is a Bas Rutten fighting system school here (Mixed Martial Arts Academy Mixed Martial Arts Academy - A Bravenet.com Hosted Site, and a great Jun Fan/JKD School (www.PSDTC.com). other then that we just have boxing, Martial arts, and MMA places that teach a mix of everything. also i have yet to find a real Muay Thai School in CT.

i have seen this one little clip of Militech teaching from some promotional dvd thing on youtube.

here is the link.

YouTube - Learn To Fight & Win With Pat Miletich Clip

personally i love how militech thinks and fights. and apparently he is a great coach.
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