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Mixing Up the Divisions

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I've always wanted to see the results of really big guys fighting really little guys. I love rooting for the little guy, just because that's what i look like most of the time.

So far, only Royce Gracie has been able to show me the power of the little guy. And i'd love to see more of that, especially among the awesome UFC fighters.

What do you think?
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Since most of the pros out there right now are so skilled and strong for their divisions, I think that there would be a lot of one sided beatings. I doubt most of the real small guys would even want to fight another pro that is a hundred pounds or more heavier. Just look at the recent Pride "open weight" GP. They didn't even have a single LW or WW competing in the tournament.

It would definitely be interesting, but how safe would it be? It's not too likely that the UFC will be having fighters from the LW division taking on fighters from the HW division any time soon.
I think there is too many disadvantages to start with.There is a reason for the weight classes.If you really want to see a good fight the plying field should be somewhat even.I think a few more pounds each way could be accepted if a smaller fighter wants to go up rather made to put on weight just to fight .I always thought besides a weight class split it would be better as a height and reach divisions.
In the pride Gp openweight tournament the punk "minowa" is like 186lbs. He got murdered by cro cop. You can't mix the divisions. Espicially the heavywieght's because there isn't a cap on the wieght. a mw or a lw could give up over 100lbs. Plus these guys are in these catagories cause they are some of the best fighter's in that catagory that's where they fit. They didn't draw weight out of a hat then cut or gain wieght to fight there. UFC did this way back in the day i can't remeber i think it was 8. But the little guys didn't do to well.
I want to see Joe Lauzon vs. Tim Sylvia or Andre Arlovski vs. Matt Hughes!

Probably the main reason this will never happen is the UFC has struggled to get the events sanctioned in the US. When it was banned, it was largely due to the fact that there was no rules and no weight classes, kind of a free for all Bloodsport is how it was looked on as.

So to be a legitimate sport, they came up with rules and weight classes. This is my understanding on the subject.

I wouldn't find it entertaining either, the competition of two skilled fighters with equal (or supposedly near equal) strenght is what I find most appealing about the UFC. This is why when Hughes defends 5 times in a row and so does Chuck, it's a great feat.

If you like free for all fighting, just watch those videos of Kimbo (lol), that's what those are all about.

Just my take on this.
All the old-school David vs. Goliath stuff sounds cool in a nostalgic sorta way, but it's usually a letdown. If the bigger guy knows what he's doing, the little guy is toast. If the little guy wins, it usually means the big guy was a big, fat and useless or a bodybuilder disguised as a fighter who gassed out. In either case, those fights generally suck in real life.
Then there's the issue of government regulations, which make it a moot point anyway.
Its dangerous and rarely entertaining. Just look at the early ufc. I remember a fight were an x-marine fought a guy called the "Polar Bear". The marine gave up about 60 or so pounds. It sucked. The little guy came out swinging and looked like the much better fighter but his shots did little damage. Then the "Polar Bear" landed one lucky shot and knocked the guy out. Pissed me off royaly.
IronMan said:
So far, only Royce Gracie has been able to show me the power of the little guy. And i'd love to see more of that
Genki Sudo vs. Butterbean:)
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