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MMA athletes telling the UFC how to run its business

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When Michael Jordan took over as majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats in 2010, the expectations were that the best player to ever suit up in the NBA would build a team that would reflect him.

That has yet to happen.

And according to Skip Bayless, Jordan could possibly be the worst owner in NBA history.

"Michael Jordan has clearly proven to be the worst owner and operator of an NBA franchise ever," Bayless said on his "The Skip Bayless Show." "The worst GM, the worst team builder ever. I guess we will have to call this Jordan the W.O.A.T. — worst of all time."

The now-Hornets have an overall record of 396-545 (.421) under Jordan and only the Knicks, Pistons, Timberwolves, Magic and Kings have been worse since 2010.

In addition, Charlotte just hired its sixth head coach under Jordan.

The Hornets have never won their division, finishing second once back in 2018-19. They have finished fourth or fifth (last) in the division in six of Jordan's 12 seasons as owner.

This past regular season, they finished third, putting together their first winning season (43-39) since 2015-16.

Charlotte's minus-2,653 point differential during Jordan's ownership ranks 28th in the league, and in 2012, the franchise finished with a record 7-59, the worst regular season record in league history.

Then, there were the draft decisions.

"Michael Jordan is the man who took Adam Morrison over Brandon Roy. He took Kemba (Walker) over Klay (Thompson) and Kawhi (Leonard). Michael took Michael Kidd-Gilchrist over Bradley Beal, Cody Zeller over Giannis (Anteokounmpo), Noah Vonleh over Zach LaVine, Frank Kaminsky over Devin Booker. He even took Malik Monk over Donovan Mitchell.

"Wrong, wrong, wronger."

The question is why? Why has Jordan’s career in the front office been such a failure to date?

Bayless gave a simple answer.

"It’s because the greater the player is, the worse he usually is at knowing which draftable players can and can’t play."

If Michael Jordan can't run a NBA franchise.

Should MMA athletes be so quick to tell the UFC how to run its business?
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The more successful fighters turned business people could probably weigh-in but you have had various business people over the years try to replicate the UFC's success with no results.
Well, it can't be argued that because of Michael Jordan, the Charlotte Hornets team is losing... The players are weak and don't want to win, that's all, and to sign some good player to your roster, you need a huge amount of money, and the Charlotte Hornets do not have that kind of money. The only thing that could save this team was taking some talented player from college -- somebody like Michael Jordan when he was young... And in general, you should not judge people for doing business incorrectly... People are prone to make mistakes. The Internet is full of information about how to develop your business, but people still can't do it right...
That's more about coaching then about running the team.
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