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As the more alert of you will have noticed, there's been quite the shakeup in usergroups and userbars over the past 6 months or so. We are adding new ones all the time, and always trying to get more members involved in various things to help this site continue to thrive.

I though it was time to put up this thread, just describing what each userbar meant and how you get them.

So, here we go:

- Premium Member

This is the userbar you will see on your profile if you pay for a years MMAF subscription. It's pretty rare on the board as most paid members opt for the lifetime member subscription.

- Lifetime Member

This is probably the most common userbar on the forum. It is the bar you recieve when you pay for a lifetime member subscription. It's well worth doing for all the extra features you get, not least of all the VIP lounge.

- MMA Fighter

this userbar is donned by all the MMA fighters who post here on MMAF. they distinguish the 'fighters' from the 'none fighters' on the forum. To get one of these userbars you have to be able to prove you compete in MMA.

More details on how to get this userbar are found Here

- Divisional Moderator

These guys are the first level of staff. Divisional moderators look after certain sections of the forum, rather than moderating the whole thing.
The members who make staff are amongst our best posters and most trustworthy and are selected based on the quality of both their posts and board manner, as well as their potential to be good Staff. They are voted in by other staff members.

- Moderator

Moderators are our 2nd level of staff. They have powers in most sections of the forum and have the ability to perform most Staff tasks. You can contact these guys to delete posts/ move threads/ edit thread titles /lock threads but they are unable to edit users specific profiles. They can infract and ban if required so be nice :)

- Super Moderator

These guys are like Moderators... but on PEDs. They have moderating abilities in every section of the forum and can complete 90% of forum tasks. They also get the much sought after 'Spam Decimater' button, which can totally erase a user from the board. It's like they were never here. Don't worry though, it's only used on spammers usually. They can also see Rep left to other members and all information on a members profile.

- Admin

Admins. These guys make this forum work. They are behind all of the sections of the forum, as well as all of the user groups and everything you love about this place. They keep the behind the scenes stuff running as smooth as butter.

Admins are the top level of Staff.

- Member of the Month

Member of the month userbar is awarded on a monthly basis to the member that has been the best poster that month. Staff members vote on this in private from a list of 3-4 potential candidates.

- Member of the Year

The Member of the Year is voted on by the forum from all of that years member of the months. Our current MOTY is El Bresko.

- Hall of Fame Inductee

The MMAF Hall of Fame contains all of the most respected members from across the years. Each year 2 new members are inducted, voted on by the forum from a list of our best, and most prestigious members. It is a real honour to be inducted into the HOF.

- Official Blogger

The Official Blogger userbar is given to Members who continuously write great MMAF blogs or Interviews. There are currently only 2 users on the board with this tag but if you are interested in receiving it just start writing blogs and you could get one too.

- Official MMAF Tweeter

This userbar is currently being sported by CowGirl. It represents users who help run our official MMAF twitter account. We are currently on the lookout for additional MMAF tweeters for live events with the possiblity of helping Cowgirl out on a more day to day basis.

If you think you may be interested get in touch.

- The Banker

The Banker holds the funds for the Credit Shop.
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