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Gallery Is Here!

Ok everyone, today we decided to add a picture hosting gallery for all your Mixed Martial Art pictures.

We're looking for suggestions from anyone who has them to help expand the gallery so that it becomes a top source for pictures related to the sport we all love. :thumbsup:

I hope everyone likes it and uses it. Let us know what you think! :thumbsup:


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i like the pics part. i can show all my favorite fighters whoopin others. lol

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Hey, can we add a part of the forum like this except we make custom made signatures and banners for people requesting them. The makers of these banners can also have a contest against others to see who made the better banner based on colour, size, text, etc. The winner receives some points maybe. Also if someone makes you a banner you must give them some of your points by donating them. You also have to have 100 posts to request a banner/sig/avatar. Shall we try it out?

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adminmma said:
What message are you receiving when you try to upload :dunno:
Error creating thumbnail! Error code: 127


"/usr/local/bin/mogrify" +profile "*" -size 73x100 -quality 70 -geometry 73x100 -unsharp 10 '/sites/mmaforum.com/www/htdocs/photopost/data/500/thumbs/joachim_hansen_.jpg'

i dont understand..
i have tryed too upload a lot of pictures now, but i allways
get that message :confused:
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