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Congrats to the Survivors of Round 1 you get to move on and compete in Round #2. :thumbsup:

Round 2:

This will be the sign up thread as well as the thread you need to make your pick in. If you do not make your picks in this thread you will be dropped.

Now, it is time to make your picks, I'm not going to make it easy for you guys so please think your picks over, because unlike previous Seasons, YOUR PICKS ARE FINAL, THAT MEANS YOU CAN'T CHANGE YOUR PICKS AFTER YOU POST THEM!!


a.) This event, I will assign two fights for you guys to pick the winner of. Everyone who picks correctly, moves on. You pick incorrectly, you're history. That's how it goes for each round.

b.) From every event on though, the numbers of fights to pick will increase, as the users remaining will dwindle.

c.) Just to avoid confusion....I wanna clarify it now, so we won't have any questions about it later. When we get down to a much smaller amount of remaining users, of the fights I assign...say 3 or 4, maybe the whole main card - you will have to pick EVERY fight winner correctly (ex: if were down to say 6 people, and I assign 4 fights to pick - and 3 people get them all, we'll move into the next round with those 3). Now, once we're down VERY low, and I assign the fights, the picks come in, and NO ONE gets them all, then nobody is victorious, and we'll move to the next event - with those same users able to keep competing.

d.) Any other questions you may have, just post them in here.

Good luck everyone!



1. 1,000,000 vBookie Points - No explanation really needed. Points to bet with. - Compliments of staff.

2. Free Paid Lifetime Membership To MMA Forum - If by chance our GP winner is un-subscribed...they could also pick this prize. Ask any paid member to the site, it's worth it! - Compliments of the staff.

3. The winner will also recieve a custom signature which will recognize them as the winner of the tournament and they have the option of adding 2 of their favorite fighters. - Compliments of the staff.

Picks needs to be in by: ***6/12/2010 @ 6 pm CST***

Your Fights to Pick:

#1- Chuck Liddell vs. Rich Franklin

#2- Paulo Thaigo vs. Martin Kampmann


dudeabides: Franklin/Thaigo
420atalon: Liddell/Thaigo
hkado: Liddell/Thaigo
Papou: Liddell/Thaigo
Toxic: Liddell/Thaigo
morninglightmt: Liddell/Thaigo
The505Butcher: Liddell/Kampmann
carlossevenos: Liddell/Kampmann
HitOrGetHit: Liddell/Thaigo
crunk32uk: Franklin/Thaigo
T.Bone: Liddell/Kampmann
Rastaman: Franklin/Thaigo
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Thiago and.... chuck. damn joe silva got blessed with titos injury. i mean this card is 10x better then chuck v tito.
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