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jdun11 said:
ur crazy, pride gives you at least 8-10 world class fighters every event whereas ufc will give the main event and the rest b-level fighters..its a joke, the ufc is just money hungry and thats it..and u say amatuerish:laugh: they sell out the tokyo dome 60,000 fans, the entrances are way better..i dont get how u say that..u have the right to like ufc better, but to knock an event that gave you all those great fighters all in one night is simply crazy..give me one ufc event that was even close to that in terms of talent...NONE

First let me say thank you for not resorting to personnel attacks in your disagreement with my assesment of the open weight Grand Prix.

The live gate was announced at just over 47,000 for this event and that speaks volumes for the popularity of MMA in Japan. It is however very difficult to compare Pride and the UFC in terms of attendance unless they were to go head to head in the same facility. The UFC is based in Vegas and we all know how much smaller the venues in the Casinos are compared to the Tokyo dome. Its been only a few months that MMA has been allowed in California and I believe they still have not recieved the go ahead for events in New York. But we all know that eventually the UFC will be getting large live gates in the not to distant future.

I find the entrances to the ring to be just like Professional Wrestling and i can't stand that (sport/entertainment) garbage. I also don't like the fact that they can't even provide the viewers a clock so we know exactly how much time is left in the round. Announcers getting into the ring with red afro wigs and some crazy brood screaming when the fighters walk down to the ring makes me cringe. I also don't like how the boxing ring creates stoppages in the fight when the fighters get to close to the ropes.
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