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Friday, April 16, 2010 - by Damon Martin - MMAWeekly.com

There's been no lack of trash talk heading into the Strikeforce light heavyweight title fight with the always-creative Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal taking verbal jabs at champion Gegard Mousasi.

Now Mousasi is firing back, and ready to silence King Mo inside and outside the cage. The champion says the talk is actually helping him because it's great motivation to work harder for the win, but he won't carry the anger into the bout.

"It's more motivation to train harder. I’m very hungry to win the fight, but in the fight I'm going to be as professional as I can be," Mousasi told MMAWeekly.com. "I’m not going to let it impact the way I fight."

The stylistic match-up in the fight makes it all the more interesting. Mousasi, who trains in Holland with some of the best kickboxers in the world, has been known to stand and trade with opponents, while also landing several slick submissions. As for Lawal, a champion level wrestler, added powerful punching to his arsenal as shown in his knockout win over Mike Whitehead last December.

Mousasi understands the strengths that Lawal brings into the fight, but feels that outside of wrestling, there's nothing he does better.

"I'm training wrestling, but this has nothing to do with wrestling, it's a MMA fight, so he's going to have really strong takedowns, but I don't see any advantage more than that," said Mousasi.

With the championship on the line, King Mo is ready to fulfill his goal to take the title away, but the current titleholder feels that all the hype leading into this one has made him a much different fighter.

"I've never felt wanting to win a fight so bad as this fight," said Mousasi. "Maybe I am the champion, but I feel more hungry to win this fight than he does."

Making his mark as one of the best fighters at 205 pounds, Mousasi keeps his message to King Mo simple, and he's ready to prove that point when the two square off in April.

"He's going to pay for all the talk," Mousasi said. "He's going to feel ten times worse once he wakes up."

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I don't think Mo respects Gegard. That should help him do better in the fight. But Mousasi doesn't respect Mo either. He's gonna knock Mo's head off just watch
Mo is not on the same level as Mousasi,you have to win some fights against legitimate opponents to get respect.And the trash talking with 6 fights wont help his chances.

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It's a good thing that Mo has talked so much shit, since nine times out of ten, he ain't going to get the victory just yet. His already done his part, now he just has to show up to the fight.
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