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Muhammad Ali has died at the age of 74, a family spokesman has said.
The former world heavyweight boxing champion, one of the world's best-known sportsmen, died at a hospital in the US city of Phoenix in Arizona state after being admitted on Thursday.
He was suffering from a respiratory illness, a condition that was complicated by Parkinson's disease.
The funeral will take place in Ali's hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, his family said in a statement.

2016 is really taking it's toll. RIP champ.

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Last night I had a dream, When I got to Africa,
I had one hell of a rumble.
I had to beat Tarzan’s behind first,
For claiming to be King of the Jungle.
For this fight, I’ve wrestled with alligators,
I’ve tussled with a whale.
I done handcuffed lightning
And throw thunder in jail.
You know I’m bad.
just last week, I murdered a rock,
Injured a stone, Hospitalized a brick.
I’m so mean, I make medicine sick.
I’m so fast, man,
I can run through a hurricane and don't get wet.
When George Foreman meets me,
He’ll pay his debt.
I can drown the drink of water, and kill a dead tree.
Wait till you see Muhammad Ali.

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Makes you wonder what would have been if he had come along 30 years later! We've seen guys with movement like his since but never to this day have I seen a 240lb man with reactions like his. He really was a freak.
Heh, why? The best hw's were in his era.

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One of my favorite childhood memories is the time my dad let me and my brothers stay up late and listen to THE FIGHT OF THE CENTURY, his first fight with Frazier live on the radio with the grownups. Commentators were a lot different back then. They actually described what was happening instead of rambling on with unimportant ****.
We sat in front of the radio and fought over a copy of LIFE magazine that featured him. I was the only Ali fan there. Practically every other white person in America wanted Frazier to whoop his uppity draft dodging ass. I was always the odd one and already a hippy. I thought he was a hero for refusing to fight in Vietnam.

RIP Champ. Thanks for everything.

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There was a slight problem when Muhammad Ali got to the pearly gates, apparently there was some dispute over who was the greatest:)

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Makes you wonder what would have been if he had come along 30 years later! We've seen guys with movement like his since but never to this day have I seen a 240lb man with reactions like his. He really was a freak.
I agree totally, I only truly appreciated his skill after watching breakdowns of his fights in good-quality slow motion, he was so fast.

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Sorry guys but you've still never seen a 240lb man move like that. In his prime he always weighed in at 210lb or less. Cassius Clay weighed less than 200 in his pro fights and that's with no cut. that's all part of his greatness. He always fought bigger men. he weighed about 230 in the worst performance of his career.
In today's UFC he would be a MW.

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I believe The Greatest and Bruce Lee are the two most mentioned names for inspiring all fighters to be in the game today.

Pros react to Muhammad Ali's death

Scott Coker ✔ @ScottCoker
Your legacy will live forever. We're all going to miss you Champ, float on. #RIPMuhammadAli #GOAT
9:47 PM - 3 Jun 2016

Jon Bones Jones ✔ @JonnyBones
Rest in peace to my biggest inspiration
10:19 PM - 3 Jun 2016
4,473 4,473 Retweets 8,656 8,656 likes

Conor McGregor ✔ @TheNotoriousMMA
Nobody will ever come close to this mans greatness.
And if they do, they better wake up and apologise. #RIPAli
4:36 AM - 4 Jun 2016
28,658 28,658 Retweets 42,407 42,407 likes

Jose Aldo Junior ✔ @josealdojunior
One of my idols has passed away tonight. Never had the honor to be in the arenas in one his fights. #RIPMuhammadAli
9:53 PM - 3 Jun 2016
764 764 Retweets 1,491 1,491 likes

Dana White ✔ @danawhite
9:31 PM - 3 Jun 2016
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Joe Rogan ✔ @joerogan
A man who shook up the world has passed on to the next stage of existence. Mohammed Ali was one… https://www.instagram.com/p/BGOGtIGJyAq/
10:12 PM - 3 Jun 2016
1,168 1,168 Retweets 2,615 2,615 likes

John Dodson III ✔ @JohnDodsonMMA
#RIP to an awesome fighter who was inspiration to many and to me. Thanx for sharing your gift with the world.
9:32 PM - 3 Jun 2016
1,020 1,020 Retweets 1,368 1,368 likes

Anthony Johnson ✔ @Anthony_Rumble
# 1 athlete I looked up to was Muhammad Ali...
This is crazy that he's gone! Doesn't seem real at all.
10:09 PM - 3 Jun 2016
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Chuck Liddell ✔ @ChuckLiddell
My heart hurts to hear the news just now about one of my heroes and one of the greatest boxers… https://www.instagram.com/p/BGOGQfsjia6/
10:08 PM - 3 Jun 2016
104 104 Retweets 322 322 likes

Tyron T-Wood Woodley ✔ @TWooodley
I'm fighting tears as I make this video. Ali gave me hope to believe in myself when no one else… https://www.instagram.com/p/BGOGb6TQOMc/
10:10 PM - 3 Jun 2016 · Los Angeles, CA, United States
71 71 Retweets 232 232 likes

Julianna Peña ✔ @VenezuelanVixen
We lost a great star today ??? RIP @MuhammadAli #MuhammedAli #Legend
9:36 PM - 3 Jun 2016 · Hoffman Estates, IL, United States

Cathal Pendred ✔ @Pendred
Being great is one thing, but inspiring others is what really makes you remembered. #RIP #TheGreatest #Ali
10:07 PM - 3 Jun 2016
122 122 Retweets 241 241 likes

Gina Carano ✔ @ginacarano
And he really did.. Rest in beautiful peace #MuhammadAli ❤ peace and love to the family. #legendforever
10:34 PM - 3 Jun 2016
397 397 Retweets 909 909 likes

Hector Lombard ✔ @HectorLombard
You always gonna be Forever the greatest! Best fighter ever RIP :(https://www.instagram.com/p/BGODWjJnDjPhMsTgVXHDVzv13i-ZY0m1YnXMsE0/
9:43 PM - 3 Jun 2016
15 15 Retweets 27 27 likes

Josh Thomson ✔ @THEREALPUNK
He gave his life to entertainment and the whole world was his audience. Blessed to have met him… https://www.instagram.com/p/BGOEyHuB8Y6/
9:55 PM - 3 Jun 2016
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Paige VanZant ✔ @PaigeVanzantUFC
RIP Muhammad Ali. You were an inspiration.
10:43 PM - 3 Jun 2016
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Mike Tyson ✔ @MikeTyson
God came for his champion. So long great one. @MuhammadAli #TheGreatest #RIP
9:54 PM - 3 Jun 2016
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Kevin "King" Casey is fighting on today's UFC199 card.

Last I heard he's dating or married to one of Muhammad Ali's daughters.

Imagine losing your father in law the day before your fight.

And your father in law is Muhammad Ali.


R.I.P. Muhammad Ali

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I think he will be forever remembered as alot more then that is included in that statement? UFC 199 was all about him but they neglected to mention Leila Ali's boxing or his match with Inoki. Ali once tweeted to Dana White about that match.

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Great example of why Muhammad Ali / Ronda Rousey comparisons fall short.

Can't compare the positive attitude of Ali with Ronda who is too insecure & fragile to cope with PVZ congradulating Holly Holm for beating her.
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