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Is this video a joke?
Lolz...that was funny in a rude way.

Look kid we all start somewhere. At one point in my life I could NOT bench press the barbell.

For isolation don't swing with your arms when you're curling. Nice and steady without the pendulum motion because then you're using shoulder and the momentum which defeats the whole purpose of weight lifting. It's good that you're starting with light weights. Get the proper technique down then increase.

To get massively ripped guns try this burnout work out.

As you're last work out regimen.
Inclined Curls
Three sets. ie: 20 lbs
Switch to lighter dumb bells and do another three sets.
ie: 15 lbs
Switch to another for a final three sets. ie: 12 lbs
Rest for a minute.
Repeat TWO MORE times. You will feel the burn.

I'm a bit of a maniac so I usually do 20 - 30 sets of each muscle groups. My workouts use to be three hours which was too much cuz I ended up eating up to many calories. So I got massively ripped and lean, but could never gain weight. I've since broken it down to only one muscle group at a time.

All chest work out then triceps, followed by biceps, shoulders/trapz, then back.
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