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'Hey guys,

Things have been going so well with the site that we have decided to keep going and have added a new section. This has been in the making since launch and we have another couple of additions to the site in the near future that will hopefully give you guys something to look at on a daily basis.

Basically we have talked to some of the top fighters in the country and convinced them to write a weekly blog on the site that will cover their day to day training and in my opinion will get particularly interesting in the lead up to fights.

Who is involved

Marcus Davis
That is right! Marcus Davis will write an official weekly blog with MMAIRELAND.org. The UFC star will talk about his day to day training and preparations for upcoming fights including UFC 113.

Colin Mckee
Colin is a rising star in Irish MMA and is seeing some great form of late. He is fighting in Ireland and America so it will be very interesting to get an insight into this over the coming weeks.

Damien Rooney
Damo has agreed to do a weekly blog that will cover his weekly training and fights. Particularly interesting because he is currently training with the HIT squad in America with legends such as Matt Hughes. It will be fun to follow his career in both Ireland and the US

Peter Duncan
After a long lay off due to injury Peter exploded back onto the scene with an impressive win at BAMMA 2. We will follow him on a weekly basis as he fights his way through the ranks to regain his form after a long lay off.

Chris Stringer
Chris is planning a move to Liverpool shortly to train with UFC fighters Terry Etim, Paul Kelly and Paul Taylor. We will follow as he attempts to further his career by fighting his way through English Opposition.

Ally McLean
Mclean is another rising star of Irish MMA and at such a young age we will follow as he continues his journey to the top.

This isnt it either! We are still in talks with several other Irish fighters who are also keen on taking part in this.

You can view the blogs here: http://www.mmaireland.org/blog.php

At the moment some blogs are posted but more will follow in the coming days so keep an eye out. We are also constantly edited and revamping the pages as they are new. Over the coming days the pages will look more impressive and the format will be perfect. Let me know what you guys think.

Thanks from all at MMAIRELAND.org for your time and i hope you enjoy the blogs.
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