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New MMA Radio Show Where You Ask The Fighters Questions

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Hi, I just wanted to let everyone know about our new radio show at http://www.combatfighterzone.com . Each week we hold a radio show hosted by CFZ site owner Luis Cruz and cohosted by Seth Petruizelli of TUF2. The questions we use for the fighter interviews come from our fans. Simply post the question (it doesn't even need to be MMA related) you want asked in our radio forum and we will try to ask it.

Please keep in mind though, we don't make any money on this; All of the expenses come out of the site owner's pockets. We simply do it for our love of the sport and our desire to allow MMA fans ask their questions to their favorite fighters.

Come check us out:
Radio Show: http://www.combatfighterzone.com/page2.html
Forum(for your interview questions and our archives of old shows): http://www.cfzforums.com/
Myspace: http://myspace.com/cfz1005

Here are the current interviews on the site:
Sean Sherk & Amber Miller - We changed around hosts and our recording system for this one so please keep in mind that the quality will improve as we get the technical bugs ironed out.
Rashad Evans - Hilarious Interview
Luke Cummo
Mark Coleman

Here are the fighter's that have promised us interviews that we are taking questions for (not in any order):
Paul Buentello
David Loiseau
'Razor' Rob McCullough
Josh Thomson
Brad Imes
Dan Henderson
Joe Stevenson
Mike Whitehead
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