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new to all this...

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Hey guys, im new to mma, been a fan for a while and always thought about getting into it, obviously a full time job got in the way. i lost my job and thought id throw myself into it.

i joined a gym about 2 months ago but purely bodybuilding, ive noticed changes and ive put on about 5/6lbs since i started, but obviously im eating and lifting like a bodybuilder, which i know is wrong for mma. im around 180lbs, 20% body fat-ish, 5'6" i wanna get down to 170lbs to fight as a welterweight, which if i went on a pure cardio plan id do but id lose muscle mass in the process.

my mma classes are mon/thurs/sat evenings. now im wanting to know when i should be going to the gym and what i should be doing. i know about circuits and have considered doing a full body, 1 exercise per muscle/10 total, 3 times a week, help with muscle endurance and helping with cardio, then doing compounds, clean and jerk/squats/deadlifts, but i dont know if that would be over training myself.

so im asking you guys for some help on what i should do in gym and when i should be going.

any advice would be very helpful
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i have 3 trainings per day excluding fitness so you wont over train yourself ... just train, train and train more! :D
depends on how you trained before...if you never trained anything in your life before, it's obvious you gonna gas out before you even get started with real intense training but if you been active in anykind of sport (ok golf and such wont help here heh) you should be fine...if i can do it, you can do it and everyone else can do it i don't see the difference...it's either you have heart or you don't, there's no such thing as overdoing yourself and end up in your bed for weeks, unless you're doing it wrong, then you can get hurt but otherwise you don't...i'm kinda hard on people that aint sure in themselves but that's nothing right now heh, you should see how it goes in the gym...we have a simple rule there, train hard or go the **** home and people who really wanna train will take that as a good thing and not as an offense or anything...you wanna be good you will have to risk something, you know..but it depends on how you wanna train, intense as being a real fighter who fights professionally or just recreational...if you wanna train recreational you dont even need to train so much, 1 training per day is enough, but if you wanna go pro you'll have to put a lil risk in it like i said before and if i'm honest with you at the beginning you will feel like you got ran over by a truck if you get together with a real mma team that will push you to the limits every time, especially as a beginner and then after a while you'll get used to it...but don't worry you wont die because of exhaustion or anything like that so chillout...but like i said dude, you know what's best for you, try starting with what you had in mind and if it's too hard for you soften it a lil bit, if it's too light, go harder...only you know what's best for you..oh and it doesn't matter in what order you do things, at least i aint paying attention to it, the point is that you actually do it not when and how...just train dude :)
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