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new to all this...

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Hey guys, im new to mma, been a fan for a while and always thought about getting into it, obviously a full time job got in the way. i lost my job and thought id throw myself into it.

i joined a gym about 2 months ago but purely bodybuilding, ive noticed changes and ive put on about 5/6lbs since i started, but obviously im eating and lifting like a bodybuilder, which i know is wrong for mma. im around 180lbs, 20% body fat-ish, 5'6" i wanna get down to 170lbs to fight as a welterweight, which if i went on a pure cardio plan id do but id lose muscle mass in the process.

my mma classes are mon/thurs/sat evenings. now im wanting to know when i should be going to the gym and what i should be doing. i know about circuits and have considered doing a full body, 1 exercise per muscle/10 total, 3 times a week, help with muscle endurance and helping with cardio, then doing compounds, clean and jerk/squats/deadlifts, but i dont know if that would be over training myself.

so im asking you guys for some help on what i should do in gym and when i should be going.

any advice would be very helpful
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so if i was to do compounds first, so then have the energy to lift more, then do a half hour circuit or something id be fine with that 3 times a week?? i just dont wanna burn myself out or anything.
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