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Dexter Morgan
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Hello everyone. I am not sure who has taken over my body and mind. About 6 months ago I was set on a wonderful path of being dead at age 60 weighing in at some huge number. I was already 330 pounds at 6 foot 4. Then I came down with gout.

Became a vegetarian in November, in January I went on a high protien diet, in Febuary I started lifting weights and now on my 38th birthday I will be happily joining an MMA gym in the bay area. Today I weigh 277 and for the first time in my life I know I will be fit. The idea of MMA has already pushed me in my workouts and I am confident it will further help me to lose weight and improve conditioning.

Thanks everyone for the informative forum. Looking forward to my first day of training.
Welcome to the forum, if you have any questions just ask :)

Enjoy your stay :)
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