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Hello folks, my name is Jason Neese and I own a small boxing glove provider called 1v1 Fight Gear (www.1v1gear.com). I just wanted to let everyone know that we have officially opened our US-made custom boxing glove service called CG. We are making beautiful custom gloves right here in the USA (Kissimmee, Florida to be exact), and to the best of my knowledge we are the only US company doing that - everyone else is outsourcing, even for their custom work. We have worked almost six months to build this capability, getting the right machines, the right people, and the right raw materials. We have a selection of over 30 different colors and types of leather to choose from, and everything is priced right out in the open so you can calculate exactly how much your design would cost. Please check us out at the website or Facebook and Pinterest to see the work we've done thus far; I believe you will be seriously impressed! Of course we still have our outstanding imported line that has ridiculously low prices, but our ability to make custom fit boxing gloves from the ground up is what we are really excited about right now. See images below.
1v1 Fight Gear
[email protected]

Black and Silver triple cuff lace ups:

Blue, White and Gold triple cuff lace ups:

Red, Black and Gold velcro training gloves:
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