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what with all the Silva stuff going on no-one has made a next opponents thread so thought i'd give my 2 cents.

112 panned out in a way which has made it very hard to call who each fighter should fight next, but here goes:

Silva - has to fight Sonnen and if(when) he wins he has to move up.
Maia - Palhares
BJ- I can't see a better time to move to the welterweight division, realisticly he can't have a shot at the lightweight title straight away, which means "wasting" about a year fighting people he has already beaten to get antoher shot.
Edgar - gets Maynard or Kenflo
Hughes - tough one to call but maybe give him as a test to a promising young fighter, Riddle or Howard?
Gracie - who cares...
Etim - was on a decent run so that loss has kind of halted his progress, maybe have him fight Mac Danzig
Dos Anjos - maybe Guida?
Munoz - winner of Bisping/Miller?
Grove - loser of Belcher/Cote?

Also i'd give Davis the winner of Jardine vs Hamill

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Silva should fight either sonnen or belfort

BJ should either get a instant rematch which i say he deserves because it was so close or fight Maynard for the shot. or if he is done with LW division (i hope not), fight Hughes.

Maia v Palhares would be a good fight

Edgar - has to be BJ or Maynard

Hughes wont fight anyone without a name like riddle or howard you mentioned, he has long past challenging for the title, he just wants big names fights like Franklin, chuck ect. are doing. I could possibly see him fighting BJ in a Rubber match.

Renzo was great for the first 2 rounds then he just died, i think he will only be looking to fight named fighters too and i dont think Dana will give him them. Bye, bye.

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Hughes/BJ III basically has to happen now.
Dos Anjos/Sotiropoulos for BJJ awesomeness and a shot at one of the top guys for the winner.
Frankie should fight the winner of Gray/Kenny.
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