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155 lb. title: Kotetsu Boku vs. Shinya Aoki

Round one: Boku in the black with his back to Aoki (and the camera) in the cage. Aoki in the white. Good ol' No Face is very hard to submit, but this is Aoki we're talking about here. Fifteen seconds in and Aoki shoots and initiates a scramble. Aoki monkey's up Boku's back and he's got one hook in. Aoki with some elbows and punches to soften up Boku. Aoki gets a neck crank, but Boku rolls to his back and escapes. Aoki in half guard and working on a D'arce. Aoki passes to half and this D'arce looks tight. Boku rolls, but Aoki holds onto it. Aoki on top now and is able to land a few knees to the prone Boku. Boku is defending well so far, but he's still in deep trouble. Aoki lets go and hits another knee to the head. Boku stand momentarily, but Aoki swings him down again and is still in half-guard. Boku with some tiny punches from bottom and Aoki answers with a good forearm/elbow. Aoki passes to mount, and tries for an armbar, but the cage is preventing him from stretching it out. Aoki kicks Boku in the face multiple times as they're both on the ground until time expires.

Round two: Aoki gets a clinch as Boku is coming forward and takes him down. This time it's 20 seconds into the round. Half guard for Boku. Some punches from Aoki and he passes. Boku rolls to his knees and Aoki has his back, but with no hooks. Suddenly Aoki gets an arm under the chin and rears back. He snaps his hooks in and latches the arm tight. Boku tries to escape but taps and we've got a new (but perhaps temporary) lightweight champion.

Final Result: Shinya Aoki wins via submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:01 of round 2
Aoki wins
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