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185 lbs.: Melvin Manhoef vs. Brock Larson

Round one: Wow. Melvin destroys with the walk-in music. Classical music + MMA is always a good mix. Infinitely better than country music + anything. Larson in gray and Manhoef in his standard black trunks. No clue why he got away from the gladiator shorts - I miss them. Melvin feints a couple of low kicks to try and get a long shot from Larson. Both fighters are keeping distance from each other as the crowd complains. Larson finally throws a left a minute in and it lands. Manhoef is slowly walking Larson down, very wary of the takedown. High kick misses from Manhoef. Very slow round, as both fighters are showing the utmost respect for each other's strengths. All of a sudden, Larson shot for a long takedown that gets stuffed and Melvin seized the opportunity to throw a big head kick. Larson literally sprints away from Manhoef who chases him down and hits some GNP. Larson shoots for an ankle lock which Manhoef worms away from. Melvin hits a knee in the clinch that gets chest and not chin. Larson struggles for a takedown and doesn't get it as the round ends.

Round two: The slow pace continues and Shimada is urging action. We've finally got action, but it's a yellow card for both fighters. Melvin hits a low kick and another to the head. Personally, I think Manhoef is "winning" enough, as he's the one pressing forward this whole time, so I think he can give up some chances to Larson if he so chooses. Larson shoots, Melvin stuffs and juuuuust misses a knee to Larson's face. Melvin hits a high kick that's partly blocked but knocks Larson off-balance anyway. Manhoef standing over Larson and is raining down some punches. He tries for a soccer kick, but Larson scoots away. Manhoef follows and Larson latches onto an ankle. Manhoef defends and works free.

Larson controls the foot and uses it to keep Manhoef off his feet as he gets on top. Larson gets to the back and threatens a rear-naked, then a kimura and finally latches onto an armbar. Manhoef stands and tries to shake him off, but just puts himself tighter. It's on tight and Manhoef is mere seconds away from tapping when the bell rings! Wow, Manhoef had his left hand raised to tap when the bell sounded.

Round three: Slow start yet again, but after a minute, Larson shoots and hold onto a single. He whips Manhoef around to try and throw him down, but doesn't succeed. Manhoef stumbles towards the cage and Larson has his back. Larson eventually drags him down and is now on top. Larson is landing tons of unanswered punches and elbows here. He's on top and has hit something like 40 or 50 with just a thumbs up from Melvin in answer. Manhoef regains guard for a second, but Larson passes again - first half, then side. Still more ground strikes from Larson and Manhoef is bleeding badly. These commentators don't seem to understand how judging works, and think Larson is still losing and needs to go for broke here. Game over.

Unless something really weird happens here, Larson has won the vast majority of the time they spent actually clashing. We'll see in a minute.

Final Result: Brock Larson wins via unanimous decision, despite the announcer's silliness.
Damn, I though Melvin turned a corner
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