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Open weight fight's

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I wanted to start this thread to discuss all this open weight crap that's been brought up in the gracie hughes discussion. If you guys want to see action like this watch Pride's open weight tournament. The heavyweights clean the little guys. It's just a beating. Through the time's there have been some upsets. The Ikuhisa Minowa "The Punk" 5'9 181 Beat paulo silva 7'2 385. But then the punk got murdered by Cro cop 6'2 213.
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Sometimes sizes doesn't matter, like the Gracie/Hughes fight. It's nontitle so weight shouldn't matter. Gracie for the win.
Gracie walks around at 176 only 7 pounds heavier then hughes.
moldy said:
Gracie walks around at 176 only 7 pounds heavier then hughes.
Hughes actually walks around much heavier than he weighs in.
so does gracie. The wieght they say they official weigh in at is the same for all fighter's. It's not like hughes is the only one who cuts weight. But when they step on the scale it's posted as their "official weight". Gracie isn't much heavier. How much better hughes is at cutting weight only he knows what he will weigh in when he fights. The same for gracie.

I think open weight classes are realitive. Although most people think that the heavier oppenent has the greatest advantage, it's not always true. It's all how you look at it. The smaller, is likely faster, and the heavier, likely stronger. You need to look at both sides. Furthermore, Gracie VS Hughes, = Weight doesn't matter. :) Hughes wins, first round, repeated strikes.
open weight

I sparred with a friend of mine this weekend. He is six feet four and weighs around 290, I weigh in around 195 at six even. I know a few submission holds but I must say it didn't help me alot. His power was brutal. It was a landslide and I fell under the mountain. Although I must say that it was great training for myself. I found out that I can take great shots to the head and still function calmly. Gracie by submission!!!::cheeky4:
I'm a small guy and i weigh in about 5'7" (sometimes 5'8") and 155. I hate fighting guys my own size because i can just groundnpound and that's not much fun, so it's more of a challenge to fight big guys. I love looking up at a guy at the beginning of a fight and looking down at him at the end.
Call me cocky, but i love a challenge. Plus, i'm a jiu-jitsu fighter and it gives me a chance to work on my boxing.
Oh, and Gracie by submission.
gracie by submission, 3rd round
When it's a HUGE weight advantage, like 90 LBS. It makes a big differance, but when it's not htat much, it doesn't matter... And, Hughes will cream Gracie. :cheeky4:
Front of the paper will read:
Hughes Wins by 2nd round KO.

Welcome to the flight club Gracie
Have a nice flight. Your landing is gonna suck!
open weight fights can be cool, but should not be title fights unless its got its own title. they are cool mainly becasue you get to see different things and different ways styles and how much skill can effect things
Someone mentioned silva v punk. That fight just proved that paulo silva is an idiot and has no place in MMA. (that sounded kinda harsh, but that was aweful)

Ability matters more than size, but when ability is equal, size will always win. Proof of that: Tim Sylvia, great boxer and huge.
sometimes luck can comeinto play as well but I'd bet on skill all else being equal
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