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Ortiz out with torn ACL

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UFC announced during a press conference that Tito Ortiz will miss a minimum of three months due to a partially torn ACL, reports WrestlingObserver.com.

Ortiz, who defeated Forrest Griffin in a very heated UFC 59 split decision, suffered the injury during filming of "The Ultimate Fighter" but kept it secret until after Saturday's fight.

Although no word has come in regarding the status of his scheduled fight with Ken Shamrock, most believe the fight cannot happen in July, as was originally planned.

Damn it i was looking forward to watching Ortiz/Shamrock 2, but i guess i will have to wait even longer now.
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Hrmmm.. well, maybe this is one of those strategy ploys. Making the enemy think you’re injured so they train less. Though that could be possible, i have a feeling Ortiz is infact injured.
He’s an all out brawler, i don’t see him needing some ploy like that to get the advantage over Shamrock, who’s old in age and old in news :cheeky4:
i DONT think he is. I think like you said it just a ploy.
is this the look of a man whos hurt? :laugh:


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It wouldn't surprise me.

Tito was noticably slower in Rounds 2 and 3.

You notice how quickly he took it to the ground in round 1 and then how often he tried for the shoot from there on.

He wasn't playing with a full deck I don't think.

Man, Griffin so shoulda won that fight.
Rayvielle said:
He wasn't playing with a full deck I don't think.
I don't think Ortiz has a full deck.:cheeky4:
Ortiz is definatly hurt. He was a totally diffrent fighter in the 2 and 3rd rounds. Ortiz never gets gased not in one single fight. Why would he all of the sudden if he wasn't hurt. I like Forrest but if ortiz wasn't hurt every round would've looked like the first if forrest could've lasted that long. As for who won. Ortiz 10-8 first round Griffin 10-9 second round and the third could've went either way. I'd say Tito but let's just call it a draw to save arguments 10-10. That's 29-28 ortiz.
I never was a Tito fan until i seen the way he taught his students, he got in the grind with them :thumbsup:
Respect to that.
Tito will be back in July whether he's injured or not.
He's not going to miss another chance to punch Ken Shamrock.
Oh yeah I can't see Tito sitting out over this.Ken is past his prime Tito will still take him down with his bad streak of luck messing with Ken's head right now.Although Team Shamrock will be turning the tables real soon.Ken needs to buckle down on those boys and ride them hard.Push it every day.
sham vs. tito

why does anyone want to see this fight? Shamrock had nothing in his last 2 fights...it's like seeing Tyson fight now that he's 40.

Ken always looks like an ass, and make tito look even less of an ass.
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