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Ortiz v Shamrock

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How do you think will win? Im a big Shamrock fan and he will destroy Tito after this season of the Ultimate Fighter. All the little thing Tito says during the season will add fuel to the flames in the advantage of Shamrock. I think before the season is over we might see a litlle brawl betwee these to.

So who do you think will win??
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Yea there are alot of pricks on this years show. They wont go very far if they dont listen.
Yea Shamrock will own Tito, and after the fight he will say that he wasnt 100% from his "injury"
shamrock all the way. Tito is a punk and will be eating knees from Sham.
Yea and if he doesnt hell just say that Shamrock oiled hiself up. Poor TiTo doesnt stand a chance. he barley won against Forrest. Forrest is good but not Shamrock good.
^^ I think its safe to say Ken wants to hurt Tito bad, and he hungry. How you seen TUF this year it seems there always going at it, mostly becuse Tito is always starting somthing.

Depending on who whats to hurt who more. Ill predict sub in second by Ken.
OK thats cool i have faith in Sham. He shall prevail over that trash talking S.O.B. How can any say that Tito is good. Yall must havent watched him against Chuck. Chuck beat the hell out of him. Sure Tito he has his good fights against no names but hes still good.
I was just saying that Chuck beat the hell out of him. I didnt say that they where better than him.
I still think Sham, will win this fight. In his prime Tito would not stand a chance. To be honest Sham, may have not taken the first fight seriously. But you can bet he will be ready this time.
Sham will win then we will see Tito say i was 100% so it wasnt a fare fight.
I like the way that Tito actually beleaves he beat the shit out of Shamrock the last time they fought.
Well he didnt KO or TKO sp that not beat shti out of him in my book. Yea i know beat beat he up, but not as a bad as he makes it out to be
Well my freind you have stated your point very well. Never seen a pic of he that up close. Dint think it was that bad. Well that f*****g heart. If i have ever seen it
1 - 12 of 91 Posts
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