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Ortiz v Shamrock

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How do you think will win? Im a big Shamrock fan and he will destroy Tito after this season of the Ultimate Fighter. All the little thing Tito says during the season will add fuel to the flames in the advantage of Shamrock. I think before the season is over we might see a litlle brawl betwee these to.

So who do you think will win??
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Hey guys, I have been following the UFC for about a year now and love it. Looks like a great site here too.

I never liked Tito and his mouth. He is one of the top fighters, you can't deny that.

Now, from what I have seen on the show my view of him has really changed almost completely around. I have new found respect for him and am now a Tito fan...somewhat.

Tito is by far better coach than Shamrock. More what I am use to and my style.

Shamrock will fall.
1 - 1 of 91 Posts
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