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I'm usually pretty crotchity, but I don't think the reaction to the Anderson Silva fight is in any way uncalled for.

My thoughts below:

IronMan @ MMAOpinion said:

I knew simply by sitting on twitter during the afternoon and following the discussions of UFC 112 that there was going to be a ton of crap that I was going to have to wade through with my friends, who are casual fans, on Monday. I knew that there was going to be talk about how Anderson Silva (26-4 MMA, 11-0 UFC, #1/#4 IWMMAR) is overrated and how his legacy as a UFC champion is tarnished by a second substandard fight.

What I didn’t expect was that both Anderson and Dana were going to be so phenomenally disproportionate in their handling of the press immediately following the fight. Both of them failed to do their jobs that night, and the entire community should be disappointed because, not only did we receive and unacceptable product from the man touted by many as the greatest fighter in the world, but we had to sit through inexcusably poor handling of that product after the fact.

While it seems that Anderson is, clearly, the easiest scapegoat (and for good reason, because he is responsible for the boring nature of the fight; he doesn’t get a pass like he did with Leites, where he wasn’t clearly at fault) it only seems fair to start with my frustration with Dana, as that is what is going to be different from most fans of MMA.
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Who does dana white thinks he is?

He is pissed off because silva didnt win the fight in the right way? He has no right to say how a fighter should fight let alone a world champion.I agree that the fight wasnt particulaly exciting, but there is no sport in the world that is exciting in every event it has ,that is the nature of sport, its real.Dana Whites reaction is a big statment to every ufc fighter "fight the way i want you to or im against you". I mean who could imagine the president of the PGA criticising Tiger Woods for not winning in the right way.
In my opinion every mixed martial artist when thay are competing in a cage should only be concerned with winning how they want to win and through this mentality true compettitive entertainment will be created. However if Dana White continues to try and have his say in what fighters should or should not do in the cage, especially when no rules have been broken, only serves to hinder the sports progress.
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