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Pakorn PK Saenchai is one of the best muay thai fighters today and is still in his fighting prime. He won the Rajadamnern Super-Flyweight Championship at 18 years old. Pakorn was voted best fighter of the Year 2013 and is the current Lumpinee Lightweight champion

Pakorn considers himself a technician and often wins intelligently fought decisions with his superior skill set. However, he is clearly not afraid to brawl with aggressive fighters like Seksan Or Kwanmuang and the “Killer Fist,” Pornsanae Sitmonchai.

Pakorn’s fight with Pornsanae on March 5, 2010 was awarded Lumpinee Fight of the Year for 2010. The fight begins at a measured pace (by Pornsanae standards) but crescendos into a symphony of violence and wild pugilistic abandon in the fourth round. It is easily one of the most exciting rounds in all of combat sports.

This article the first of a two part series. In part 1, I will cover Pakorn’s tactics for neutralizing Pornsanae’s dangerous boxing and low kicks in the early rounds and his varied counter attacks. In part 2, I will breakdown Pakorn’s tactics for surviving and prevailing in one of the most intensely fought rounds in muay thai history.

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