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Pedro Rizzo was born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil on May 3,1974. He stands 6'1 and weighs in at 228lbs. Known as "the Rock", Rizzo is a practitioner of Ruas Vale Tudo and is friends with its founder Marco Ruas. Marco also gave him the nickname for being tough as a rock. Pedro has a winning record of 14-7-0 in MMA.

Fighting History:
Loss Roman Zentsov KO PRIDE 31-Dreamers 2/26/2006
Loss Sergei Kharitonov TKO PRIDE-Critical Countdown 2005 6/26/2005
Win Ricco Rodriguez Decision UFC 45-Revolution 11/21/2003
Win Tra Telligman TKO UFC 43-Meltdown 6/6/2003
Loss Vladimir Matyushenko Decision UFC 41-Onslaught 2/28/2003
Loss Gan McGee TKO UFC 39-The Warriors Return 9/27/2002
Win Andrei Arlovski KO UFC 36-Worlds Collide 3/22/2002
Loss Randy Couture TKO UFC 34-High Voltage 11/2/2001
Loss Randy Couture Decision UFC 31-Locked & Loaded 5/4/2001
Win Josh Barnett KO UFC 30-Battle on the Boardwalk 2/23/2001
Win Dan Severn Submission UFC 27-Ultimate Bad Boyz 9/22/2000
Loss Kevin Randleman Decision UFC 26-Ultimate Field of Dreams 6/9/2000
Win Tsuyoshi Kohsaka TKO UFC 23-Ultimate Japan 2 11/19/1999
Win Tra Telligman KO UFC 20-Battle for the Gold 5/7/1999
Win Mark Coleman Decision UFC 18-Road to the Heavyweight Title 1/8/1999
Win David Abbott KO UFC Brazil-Ultimate Brazil 10/16/1998
Win Richard Heard Submission WVC 3-World Vale Tudo Championship 3 1/19/1997
Win Vernon White KO WVC 2-World Vale Tudo Championship 2 11/10/1996
Win Michael Tielrooy Submission WVC 2-World Vale Tudo Championship 2 11/10/1996
Win Niccolaus Niccolaus Submission WVC 2-World Vale Tudo Championship 2 11/10/1996
Win Eric Labaille TKO IMA-Battle of Styles 10/26/1996

-He's a counter-fighter
-Has brutal leg kicks
-More than 55% of his wins are by TKO/KO

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...Nice take on Pedro. Man...nobody talks about him anymore. Marco Ruas's top student early on, Pedro was the man in the middle 90's. His leg kicks were astounding, not to mention his great striking ability. Pedro had a chin too. I remember a funny quote from Joe Rogan " If you took Phil Baroni's brain and put it in Pedro Rizzo's head, he would never lose"...lol

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Since I saw that KO on Barnett, no one would want to throw a punch at that guy, or meet him in the first place :D.
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