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Pedro "The Rock" Rizzo

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I think he should be brought back. It'll definitly spice up the heavy weight division.

He is one of the best strikers in UFC history and one of my personal favorite fighters in UFC history. Its a shame that he wasn't brough back (is that what hapenned?) considering that he won his last two fights. Many guy's with worse records are brought back.

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MMA freak said:
Hes not that good anymore, Sergei Kharitonov about a year ago I think beat him to a pulp and he hasn't faught since. He used to be good in the UFC 30 era but not anymore. I don't think he would change the heavyweight division in any way since he barely fights nowadays and hasn't won much since he left UFC. But his KOs were classic by all means. Hes sometimes boring though.
so the fight against Roman Zentsov doesnt count?
jdun11 said:
rizzo isnt that old i believe hes only like 32-33..if he committed him self to training again i dont see why he couldnt be a top 5-10 hw in the ufc
Thats exactly what ive been saying for the past 3 years
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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