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From: PhilBaroni
Date: 07/25/06 09:44 PM
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My interview on Whoop Ass radio was not one of my best. I couldn't really say much. And there wasn't much to talk about. The interviewer was pretty much a shit stirrer. But I guess that's his job. Ask me the same old bullshit and try and get me to say something I shouldn't. Oh 'Well let me give you an accurate breakdown
As far as Laimon goes he is not a good MMA trainer IMHO. But really who care's.

I dont do you?

But I gave a few examples anyway, like. Jay Herion went 0-2 under Laimon. Heiron is a good fighter. Randelman lost 4 in a row when he started training with him. Stevenson went 0-1 then left to train and beat Eves Edwards. He made Mayhem suck down to 170 when I begged him not to, and he lost his fight in the UFC. Who else? Coleman lost when he went and trained with him. Grove got much better when he left him. I just don't think he is a good trainer. He never trained a fighter from day 1 that was successful in MMA. All the established fighters that trained with him lost. Frank Mir didn't look as good as he did in the past since training with him. Its a trainer's job to get his fighter in shape. I have my own beef with the guy. The only reason Dana White picked him to coach the show is that he is local. And what does he know about training for MMA, really? I don't blame him for my losses in the UFC. I blame myself. I should have fired him after the second fight with Lindland.

What else did I say? W. Silva is great and there is no shame in losing to him. None what so ever.

Just like any other fighter in the sport Id like to fight for the title.

I feel after fighting Lindland twice, 6 hard fought rounds against the guy and Tanner 1 1/2 times I deserve a shot at a title. ESP beating Kondo, Chonan and Minowa the way I did. I don't have a padded record. I've fought nothing but the best fighters in my weight class. You cant argue that. You don't have to like me but you have to admit I've fought a lot of great fighters in my short career.

Misaki and Kondo had Henderson in a lot more trouble than they had me. I also feel in both my fights I hurt Lindland a lot more than Rampage did. I feel I had him close to being finished a few times and was never in the trouble Rampage was in.

Rampage is one of the top 5 LHW fighters in the world. He is a great fighter he has been in there with the best. He is a stud.

There was not much else. Lets just say it was a last min. interview and I had a rough night before so I wasn't my sharpest. LOL

As far as Frank Shamrock goes we agreed to fight one another at the last Strike Force event. So we will see what happens with that.

I'm still happily under contract with PRIDE, and am just training waiting to find out what they have in store for me next.


Phil B


Well my friends, there you have it.
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