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Hey I was just making a poll in the UFC section and realized the maximum number of options were at 5. I remembered asskicker talking about this before so I went and found his thread and saw this quote:

adminmma said:
The original poll options were much higher. However,people were making threads that had so many options it was messing with the home page layout.
It was me who made a really big poll, the "Create Your Own UFC" thread. I didn't realize that the polls show up on the side of the homepage until I made that poll and saw how it screwed up the layout. I didn't mean to do it and I apologize for the inconvenience. I saw a thread from The Don from a while back that asked what state you were from and he used like 50+ options, so when I made my poll I didn't think it was too big of a deal. Again sorry I didn't mean to screw things up for everyone else. It's a good idea to set it lower, but I really think 5 is too low. I personally think 10 would be great and so do most of the other poll makers from what I can tell. I had to add options in my thread on my first post cuz I could only fit 5, but if you look at the poll, it coulda used a couple more options. Just some feedback take it or leave it but just letting ya know I didn't make that poll with the intent to screw the layout up.
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