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this is a great forum and i def. see alot of potential growth in this forum and i have also learned some valuable information from reading comments from knowledgable members but there are just as many people with no clue on what there talking about and im tired of them putting out false information which could affect new members or members who are just getting familar with the sport

as we have all learned from writing term papers/ coll. reports, you need reliable sources/references in order to make STATEMENTS otherwise there just your own opinions, now lets end some of this UFC fighters get paid more then Pride crap... Regardless of how much one company pays more then another, the point is, these fighters make off better then most of us, doing something they love. Top Tier fighters in both Pride and UFC do make well Over $100K + in a single match not including PPV endorsements they receive (only some fighters have this privilege) So fighters like Fedor/Crocop/Wanderlei/Chuck Lidell/Royce Gracie do make well over $1M a fight included (Fighters purse, winners bonus, PPV) im excluding commercial endorsements

questions that have been asked/answered by shockwave,sherdog

How much do Pride fighters make per match? Like fedor, nog, etc.

In a single match, Fedor earns more than $1 million USD for his fights in Japan.

K1's Heros proposed him $1million for a single fight on NYE and He refused the offer. So Pride is more then likely paying him a Million+...

Fact - Both Yoshida and Ogawa were paid $2million USD
(in total $4million USD)...on NYE. (however, I think that number is not exact...I think the real amount Yoshida made from that fight was around $1.7million)
Yoshida generaly makes $1million per fights.

Royce said that He accepted UFC's offer vs Hughes even though, He wasn't getting paid much..

Fact - Royce made $450,000 in his recent match against Hughes meanwhile Matt made
$120K - 150K

K1's Heros proposed to Royce a $2.5million for a fight vs Aerts but He refused and instead opted for another opponent.

Fact - We do know that winners of the OWGP get $250,000

Fact - We do know that Fedor was payed $100,000 in his most recent fight against Mark Coleman

"According to Nevada state athletic commission records, his (fedors) base purse for tonights bout ins $100,000 though his pay day could near a million dollars when bonuses and pay per view revenue is included." - Kevin Iole

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"I think the UFC is absolutely pathetic...They're paying most of their fighters like bums..$2000 isn't worth SHlT especially when you're health is on the line. That's the kind of money non-top fighters make.."

i couldnt agree more!

What would determine the fight purses would be the pay-per-view numbers. The only reason boxers make the millions per fight they do is because of the pay-per-view numbers.

Technically speaking they should be able to pay their current top 3 fighters at least 3 to 5 Million if not more.

But have you seen the production costs?...Nothing's comparable to Pride fc in combat sports..and certainly not even in boxing...And of course, It costs loads of cash to put up such impressive shows for every representations..

This is the Saitama Super Arena we're talking about here!
They had a total of 49,801 fans for their shockwave NYE event in 2005!
(millions were watching the show too!...and this year Pride managed to beat K1 in the ratings war ...)

Here are some numbers..
Attendance:47,629 for PRIDE: Final Conflict 2005
Attendance:22,047 for PRIDE 29: Fists of Fire
Attendance: 39,716 for PRIDE: Shockwave 2003
Attendance: 43,711 for PRIDE: Critical Countdown 2004

Compare this to..
Attendance:14,562 for UFC 52: Couture vs. Liddell 2
Attendance:9,995 for UFC 56: Full Force
Attendance:4,000 for UFC 22: Only OneCan Be Champion
Attendance:13,520 for UFC 54: Boiling Point

Both orgs are on a different planet.. No wonder Pride can take the liberty to spend 4 Million for the Yoshida vs Ogawa fight..But like I said..in reality...with the kind of money Pride actually makes..They could still pay their top fighters much more ...

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Wand is always giving interviews for Brazilian TV channels, he used to get 300K per fight up until the QJ 2 Rematch, god knows how much it is at now

Also by interviews in Brazilian radio and TV channels, Nogueira was getting 300K for fighting.

Shogun and Murilo Ninja used to get around 50K till the MWGP. Remember $50,000 might not seem alot, but it sure is better then what Rich Franklin got in his Title fight against Anderson Silva got.. Rich got like what $20k-25K and he was a dam UFC MW Champ, meanwhile Silva got $50K-55K (remember im excluding PPV but including Fighters Purse)
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