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pride is head and shoulders over the ufc when it comes to most things. but the length of time it takes them to get a dvd drives me crazy. for some reason i had my head up my ass in 2005 and missed the whole year as far as pride was concerned. i caught most of the ufc's. and then january i started reading about what a huge year pride had, and how wand had lost..and there was this kid shogun that was the next big thing. and i read about takanori gomi taking the lw div by storm. i was like shit, how did i miss all this. so now i have been waiting for the stupid dvds to come out so i could finally watch the fights. i refuse to watch them on youtube because i want to see them for the first time on my 60 inch sony. im just waiting on bushido 6, pride 30, and shockwave 2005, and i'll be all caught up. but damn they take forever.
not that i can say ufc is on top of their game anymore. there dvd game is all ****ed up now too.

p.s. prides website kinda sucks too.
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