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moldy said:
He can't stay in this slump forever. Where did the phenom go? I miss the old vitor.
Same. I miss it when he would beat the snot out of the dominant fighters like Tank Abbott and such. But when he came back his matches were all boring, sloppy, no effort from him. I guess that's why he has parted ways with UFC and went to Pride. I hope he improves in Pride but I highly doubt it. He will stay the same way he was; boring, sloppy fighting. You see, in his old days he beat Wanderlei Silva in about a minute. Nowadays if he had a match with Wanderlei it would be so boring and sloppy and probably be a unanimous decision. Before he returned to UFC in 2002 he was gold. But then when he returned and lost to Chuck by split decision he has been boring ever since. He was one of my favourites but not anymore.
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