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iceman574 said:
if the ufc champions were to fight he pride champions whitch side would win i would have to go with the ufc on this one even though i feel pride may have better fighters overall the champions of the ufc are pound for found the best fighters in the world i can not see enyone destroyin matt or out striking chuck find me a pride heavyweight who moves like adrei and a middle weight as talented and dominant than frankilin what are you thoughts on this who would you put money on the reason i didnt include syvia even though he is the heavy weight champ is cos adre is gonna knock him off his pedastill on ufc 61
cmon man, dan henderson and franklin would be a great fight, chuck and wandy would be sick, hughes would beat ne one at 170, and fedor would break china chin arlovski in 2, and sylvia would get beat even worse, and in the new lightweight division ufc has none who can hang wit gomi...edge pride
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