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There's a recent health movement claiming probiotics introduce additional beneficial micro organisms into a person's body.

There's a chance this concept is mostly marketing hype. Contributing very few if any actual benefits to human health.

The proper way to increase beneficial micro organisms in the body could be to consume more foods like organically grown garlic or turmeric. Foods which carry anti fungal and anti bacterial properties with potential to kill harmful yeast/candida fungus/microbes in the body, paving the way for beneficial microbes to thrive and spread.

This is something like a conspiracy theory I've floated for awhile now but not put to the test. Throwing this out there as it seems there's very little if any real discussion on these topics which trend towards being neglected.

I'm in the process of growing my own vegetables and plants organically. And reading whatever random books on the topic I can find. Some of the stuff written in books sounds absofukkn crazy. Like there was a book I have about herbs that claims some of them are known to work as forms of birth control when prepared in certain ways. I don't know if any of that stuff is remotely true. Sounds crazy, even to me. But it seems like there's a whole mountain of information and claims that modern medicine has not really bothered to look into.
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