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It’s been a great year for Strikeforce. But has their overall product gained anything? While they are on CBS, and Showtime, do they have that everlasting effect on their viewers? Their match making continues to mindboggle, with Overeem vs. Rogers, Fedor vs. Werdum.

I have been an avid follower of Strikeforce for about four years now. I don’t have many bad things to say about them as a whole. I do question their business decisions in terms of match making. Their heavyweight champion hasn’t fought in two years, yet he remains the champion. They give Bret Rogers a title shot, after being KO’d by Fedor. They put Fedor up against Werdum, good match up, but it is a very odd match up considering Overeem’s return to the promotion. Yes, Fedor made it clear he didn’t want to fight a “steroid bully.”

Bringing in Fedor for their CBS card did pay off. One fight in to his contract, and they are already re-negotiating their deal. Terms of his first, and new deal, will never come to light, but you can assume M1 global is all over it and Fedor’s monetary pay off is substantial. Fedor is a big name overseas, and has yet to be known to many American MMA fans. Is Fedor’s huge contract worth the extra work.

Strikeforce vs. DREAM has all the makings of a great pro-wrestling-like feud and could bring a great deal of fight of the year candidates. Aoaki vs. Gilbert should be a great fight.

Dan Henderson signing with Strikeforce was a huge deal, a big name, a big household name. Having him fight Shields was their only option, despite the major weight differential. Shields on his way out, possibly to the UFC is a huge loss on their end, even though it hasn’t even sorted itself out yet.

Strikeforce on CBS this Saturday will be the tell-tale of how well their product is. Can they do big numbers without Fedor? It’s a stacked card, three title fights, for free, you can’t go wrong.
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