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It’s been a great year for Strikeforce. But has their overall product gained anything?
Nope, absolutely not. A lot of their fights don't seem to have any point, meaning they don't lead to anywhere. What I mean by that is how is Fedor not fighting for the title yet? Why is Jason Miller fighting no name Tim Stout? Who is the #1 contender for the winner of Dan Henderson and Jake Shields? Or for that matter, where are they gonna get fighters for any of their big name fighters? Basically we're gonna start getting a lot of rematches or fighters getting matches outside their weight class, like Jake Shields is, because Strikeforce has been absolutely terrible at bringing up new prospects.

Not enough cards, meaning less fights for prospects, and badly structured matchmaking. Eventually Strikeforce isn't gonna have enough money to keep bringing in all these fighters from outside the promotion and they'll need to cultivate their own quality instead of just buying it.
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