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General Guidelines:

MMA Forum respectfully expect that all members conduct themselves in a manner that promotes a variety of races, nationalities, creeds, religions and sexes with the focus on total respect of each member of our community.

MMA Forum also sets a standard that our community makes a valiant effort to contribute their knowledge in varying degrees, as long as what is being written onto the boards, have meaning and respectability without the fear of belittlement from others. MMA Forum is just that a message board. Read if you like, but we would love to have you post.

Site Guidelines:

The following categories of conduct online are unacceptable at MMA Forum and are a clear violation of our Board Guidelines that may result in warning, suspension or loss of membership (i.e. Banning):

Disruption- Posts that are meant to create confusion or sway the topic away from the intended Thread or conversation or news pertaining to a particular subject. Disruption can include but not limited to post-padding, off-topic posting, or posting of content that intended to demean other posters rather than discuss appropriate topics.

Harassment – Harassment is defined when a member attacks, disrespects and degrades another member anywhere on the board at any time. Personal attacks are never welcome and are never tolerated. The general nature of sports, fans will defend their favorite fighter, but never will terms as “stupid, homer, idiot, moron” and the like ever be tolerated. Continual harassment and or “baiting” of a member of the community, they’re favorite fighter and or members of the staff will also result in the above mentioned actions. Editing over a mod is also something that is not welcomed and swift action will be taken of said member.

Obscenities or Sexual innuendos – MMA Forum features a community with a world wide ranging of members and content readers. We stress that pornographic images, obscenities, sexual language and vulgarities are NOT used. Attempts to mask such language using alternate spellings, etc., will be treated as correctly spelled obscenities are are also subject to being removed. We want our members to have fun, but at the same time we must keep aware that everything we may say with someone we know, could offend a member that we don’t. Please use your best judgment in these cases.

Spamming & Solicitation - Multiple posting of identical or similar posts in one or more of our forums constitutes spamming. Posting multiple links to other “identical” sites or links to “join” other similar sites without prior approval also constitutes as spam and will be subjected to the removal of posting privileges.

Illegal Activities – The posting of specific information relating to how and where to obtain illegal activities is a violation of the Board Guidelines. This most directly relates to issues such as illegal file sharing and illicit drug use. MMA Forum does not, however, discouraged discussion of the moral and legal aspects of these issues. Put simply, it is acceptable to discuss the merits legal topics such as file sharing, but not acceptable to engage in illegal activities.

Disciplinary actions – While MMA Forum would love for all of its members to adhere to the Board Guidelines we know that some members willingly will not follow the rules, with that here are the terms of disciplinary actions:

1. Warning - for the first offense of any of the board guidelines
2. 3-day suspension on the second occurrence of failing to comply with Board Guidelines.
3. 10-day suspension on the third occurrence for failing to comply with Board Guidelines.
4. Banning from the site. This is typically a last resort, but users who refuse to adhere to these guidelines may be removed at the discretion of MMA Forum staff. We here at MMA Forum want to make this the most enjoyable experience for all who come to the board to read, post or just basically see what we have to offer.

Disclaimer - These guidelines are just that, and are not intended to be an all-inclusive list of inappropriate behavior or comprehensive guide to punishments. As in other instances of dealing with other people, let common sense be your guide and make an effort to treat other people the way you wish to be treated. In return, the staff of MMA Forum will exercise common sense and make every reasonable effort to make this a fun and informative place to visit. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a member of the staff!

Thank you for taking the time to read through our Board Guidelines. Welcome to the board and we look forward to your posts.
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