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Reeds training log

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Well in celebration of a huge milestone for myself(60 pounds lost), I guess its about time i do one of these. Ive been mostly losing weight, working on my cardio, overall endurance, and ab stability, and training my ground game and stand up as often as possible, which isnt as much as I would like. Some background: Always been overweight(by more than i like to think about) but ive always been decently athletic. been boxing since 2004. I went to a gym in long branch that closed up shop in late 2008. Been teaching myself muay thai ever since with videos and lots of books + about 8 classes with live sparring. Also Learning BJJ from a well versed friend and practice with several other friends also into mma/BJJ. I started off at 278 lbs (yikes) and i just weighed in at 218.5 this morning :) I also went from 163 lean body weight to 171, so ive been fighting against gaining muscle+losing weight as well. Im hoping I can somehow fight as a welterweight, but ill see where I end up. Getting down to a normal weight of around 180 should be no problem. Ill update the actual training part in a bit
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A Sample week(last week) I work 11-6, and have class 10-2 and 11-3 weds and Fri. so my workouts are all broken down into morning and night based around that

Monday -
before work(9am) - 3x5 rounds of heavy bag before work(all strikes), 210x10x3 deadlift(i need more weight plates)

After work (7pm)
cardio/conditioning with burpees, plyometric pushups, regular ab workouts, then i head to the gym and do tabata cardio, intervals, and just lots of high intensity crap

tuesday - an easy strength day
Gym(9am) - Lats, triceps, hamstrings

No-gi grappling class at night

wed -
Gym(8am) - chest, biceps, grip, tabata drills on stationary bike

night - about 50 mins kick boxing drills/sparring with friends(great fun and great workout)

thursday - same as monday

friday - morning - 3x5 min rounds of intense cardio - tire slams(15x), sledge hammer strikes(10x each side), some workout where i lift my heavy bag from the ground to over my head and shift it to the other shoulder then slam it. 6x each side) sprint across my yard bear hugging heavy bag. side jumps over bag untill 5 mins runs out. differs each round a little bit with variations of each workout and in different order.

night - light jog, one mile away from car in soft sand one mile return on boardwalk

Sat - full body routine in gym. bench, lats, back, shoulders, squats and leg presses.

sun - usually off. will rotate days off to a day during the week so it doesnt become a boring weekly routine
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New job.. and totally new training routine. I now have a fairly normal 9-5ish job where i am very active so all my training is at night and i dont feel like im sitting around all day. I started to take ab training much more seriously after getting punched in the stomach by a girl and it fauken hurt. My abs got a lot softer than i realized(also less fat in the way now lol)

also just weighed in at 215.5(about 25% BF) and feeling great. 175...here i come`

Im trying not to have a "day of the week" for certain workouts, so i just break them down based on how i feel and what i trained the day before or how sore i am. I will list them in numbers that dont go in any certain order. Also adopted a totally new cardio/conditioning plan, kickin my butt so far.

Also after all these workouts except the grappling days i work focus mits and kicks with my friend as a little more cardio/technique/cool down towards the end. But i still need a lot more technique training and maybe a dedicated muay thai class

day 1 - 5x5 min intense kickboxing rounds, 10-15 mins of focus mits, then to the gym for lats/back and tabata and lighter duty cardio
5 regular pull ups
5 arch pull ups
5 chin ups
5 wide grip pull ups although i cant usually finish these
4x10 dumbell rows
4x10 seated rows

day 2 - Legs and abs
Believe my friend borrowed this from a brock lesnar workout
4x6 narrow stance squats
4x6 normal squats
4x6 wide stance squats
leg extensions and curls

4x20 weighted crunches
3x15 knee ups with medicine ball
4x10 medicine ball snaps, 2 left and 2 right
3x20 seated cable crunches
3x20 diagonal/twist cable pulls
3x20 back crunches

day 3/4 (is always weds and friday cause thats when the classes are)
No gi grappling class(also has ab workouts and pretty good cardio)
4x10 bench press
3x10 incline dumbell press
3x10 narrow grip decline
5x10 butterflies
3x10 tricep pull downs

day 5/6 - cardio/circuit training. about an hour. totally dead after this(i will include the entire list later on)

way too much stuff to list so ill simplify it
lots of body weight squats with jumping jacks in between
lots of pushups in different stances, judo, diamond, normal, etc
lots of jumping/agility workouts(burpees with pull ups, lateral bounds, etc)
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