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Pretty impressive, just looking at the before and after pictures.

Article Here

At the end of last year, I read a book titled Living with a Seal, where the author had a Navy Seal move him with him and his family for 31 days. His reason for doing this:
I felt like I was drifting on autopilot in my life. Wake up, go to work, go to the gym — repeat. I wanted to shake things up. I wanted to get better.
That really resonated with me. I’m sure a ton of other people in here feel the same exact way. We get stuck in the same routines in life, and in the gym. So I knew that I wanted to find a fitness challenge this year.
At the same time, I remember reading about The Rock’s workout and nutrition program in Muscle & Fitness last spring. I was fascinated that he was able to do that. We all sort of write it off like “oh, but he has trainers and a private chef or takes illegal substances” but at the end of the day, that’s a ton of commitment and dedication. And he has done is while his career absolutely exploded over the last few years.
I decided to see if I could do the same thing, see how I measure up. This isn’t about following a fitness and eating plan that’s optimized for me. It seemed like too much food for a guy my size. It’s also not about using this plan for specific results. I have no desire to look like The Rock. It was just about “can I do this really hard thing this successful guy does while living a normal life?”
The Eating Meal 1 – 10 oz cod, 2 whole eggs, 2 cups oatmeal
Meal 2 – 8 oz cod, 12 oz sweet potato, 1 cup veggies
Meal 3 – 8 oz chicken, 2 cups white rice, 1 cup veggies
Meal 4 – 8 oz cod, 2 cups rice, 1 cup veggies, 1 tbsp fish oil
Meal 5 – 8 oz steak, 12 oz baked potato, spinach salad
Meal 6 – 10 oz cod, 2 cups rice, salad
Meal 7 – 30 grams casein protein, 10 egg-white omelet, 1 cup veggies (onions, peppers, mushrooms), 1 tbsp fish oil
Calories: 5390, Carbs: 533g, Fat: 97g, Protein: 430g
The Training Monday – 50 minutes elliptical, Chest Workout
Tuesday – 50 minutes elliptical, Legs Workout
Wednesday – 50 minutes elliptical, Arms Workout
Thursday – 50 minutes elliptical, Back Workout
Friday – 50 minutes elliptical, Shoulders Workout
Saturday – 50 minutes elliptical, Legs Workout (repeat)
Sunday – Rest
Chest Incline Barbell Bench Press 4x12/10/8/6
Flat Bench Dumbbell Press 4x12
Incline Hammer Strength Press 4x12 (Alt arms, start extended)
Flat Bench DB Fly 3x12
Cable Crossover Superset w/ Dips 3x15/Failure
Legs Leg Extension 4x25
Leg Press Superset w/Weighted Walking Lunges 4x50/40
Hack Squat Machine 4x20
Romanian Deadlift 4x12
Lying Leg Curls 4x12
Standing Calf Raise 5x75
Seated Calf Raise 5x50
Arms Biceps – Perform all 3 as a Tri Set, Rest One
Preacher Curl w/ EZ Bar 4x12
Standing BB Curl w/ EZ Bar 4x12
Dumbbell Curl 4x12
Triceps – Perform all 3 as a Tri Set, Rest One Minute Between
Rope Pushdown 4x12
Rope Overhead Tricep Extensions 4x12
Triceps Dips to Failure 4x12
Back Pullups (Wide Grip) 4xFailure
One Arm DB Row 4x12/10/8/8
Hammer Strength Two Arm Row 4x10
Close Grip Pulldown 3x12
Cable Row (Double Drop Set) 3x12
Rope Pullover Super Set w/ Rope High Row 3x15/15
DB Shrugs 4x12 (15 sec hold end of each set)
Shoulders Hammer Strength Shoulder Press 4x12/10/10/8
Seated DB Shoulder Press 3x10
Standing Side Lateral Raises 4x12
One Arm Cable Side Lateral Raise 3x20
Reverse Fly Machine 4x12
Bent Over Lateral Raise 4x10
I’ve made it more than half-way through already, and am currently on Day 17. It isn’t easy, all about just keeping the discipline and grinding through it.
Things I’ve Learned The hardest part actually is the food prep: having to make 7 meals a day, every day, for month is hard to do with a full-time job and a family to take care of. if anyone is interested, I can share more details about this.
Though I’m 6’3”/207lbs and The Rock is 6’5”/260lbs, I haven’t gained any weight eating 5,000 calories a day. I would have thought at this surplus it would have led to putting on some weight. But I’m noticeably building muscle while getting leaner.
Podcasts and Audiobooks! This is how I spend 2+ hours in the gym 6 days a week. Music just doesn’t hold my focus for that amount of time. I also feel like I’m getting smarter and bettering myself in the process.
I feel great. I’m 37, around the time when mysterious aches and pains pop up. Eating like this is preventing any muscle soreness or DOMS. And I’m lifting heavier than I had in awhile. Makes me realize I definitely haven’t been eating enough, and that sometimes your body needs high glycemic carbs (something I’ve avoided for years).
Eating like The Rock isn’t cheap. It’s costing me about $42/day, putting this whole experiment at a monthly budget of almost $1300. It’s mostly the cod that gets you, that alone is $18/day.
This experience has been eye-opening for me, especially how the nutrition is affecting my workout. Kind of blew apart some cutting/bulking views I had. Thought /Fitness would benefit from what I'm learning. Questions or comments? Fire away.
Eating and Training Here

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Pretty impressive, just looking at the before and after pictures.

The biggest change is... bags under his eyes in the 2nd pic from excess fluid?

Not to be negative but those are small gains for a month's worth of effort imo.
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