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Conflicting reports are out, but Mixfight.nl is reporting that 3 time K-1 Grand Prix champion Remy Bonjasky may not fight again. Apparently during the It's Showtime Amsterdam show a message was repeatedly shown on the big screen in the arena that said Bonjasky was undergoing eye surgery which would likely forced him to hang up his gloves. Some fans in attendance claim there was no such message, however many also say that it did appear.

Obviously, this is not definitive news at this point, but even as a rumor it's worth reporting. Despite not being the most popular fighter, Bonjasky has been a major player in K-1 for the past decade, earning three Grand Prix titles, and holding wins over countless major names. His retirement would be a blow to K-1 for sure.
Hope this turns out to be false, Remy is one of my all time favorite fighters in any form of combat athletics.
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