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Hope you Maniacs in Canada haven't sold your UFC 115 tickets yet.

After weeks of a back-and-forth struggle between the UFC and Vancouver politicians reluctant to host an MMA event, UFC 115 looks to finally be set for the largest city in Western Canada on June 12.

At least according to Dana White.

The UFC president confirmed the report to The Canadian Press earlier today.

News that UFC 115 was likely to not take place in Vancouver, and instead possibly make its new home in Cincinnati, Ohio broke just two days ago. The issue at hand was a dispute with insurance policies for the event , which would added significant cost concerns for Zuffa.

But it appears those disputes have been settled. At least for the time being.


Vancouver City spokesperson Wendy Stewart, while optimistic, told The Canadian Press that it's still not set in stone.

"Negotiations are ongoing and we're very hopeful. They're continuing and we're making progress. At this point discussions are underway."

Besides the question of whether or not UFC 115 will indeed take place in Vancouver, the show's main event looks to still be up in the air as well.

The MMA groundswell has been abuzz with various reports of injuries, rumored fights, and bout cancellations involving believed-to-be main event participants and TUF 11 coaches, Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz.
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