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Ricco "Suave" Rodriguez

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Ricco Rodriguez was born in Phoenix, Arizona on August 19, 1977. He stands 6'4 and weights in at 280lbs. Known as "Suave", Ricco uses freestyle wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu to defeat his opponents and he has beaten some of the best MMA fighters in the world. Ricco got his start in the UFC where he became UFC HW Champion before fighting in Pride and now fights for WFA. Ricco has a winning record of 23-6-0.

Fighting History:
Win-Ron Waterman TKO WFA-King of the Streets 7/22/2006
Win-Taylor Brooks Submission MMAX 1-MMA Xtreme 1 3/25/2006
Loss-Robert Beraun Decision RITC 78-Back with a Vengance 1/14/2006
Win-David Mori Decision MMAFC 4-MMA Fighting Challenge 4 12/3/2005
Win-Corey Salter Submission UTS 3-Ultimate Texas Showdown 3 11/26/2005
Win-Jimmy Ambriz Submission WEC 17-Halloween Fury 4 10/14/2005
Loss-Ron Waterman Decision WEC 16-Clash of the Titans 2 8/18/2005
Win-Andy Montana Submission IE-Independent Event 7/15/2005
Win-Ruben Villareal SubmissionExtreme Wars-X-1 7/2/2005
Win-Scott Junk Submission ROTR 7-Rumble On The Rock 7 5/7/2005
Win-Mike Seal Submission MMA Mexico-Day 2 12/18/2004
Loss-Pedro Rizzo Decision UFC 45-Revolution 11/21/2003
Loss-Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Decision PRIDE-Total Elimination '03 8/10/2003
Loss-Tim Sylvia TKO UFC 41-Onslaught 2/28/2003
Win-Randy Couture Submission UFC 39-The Warriors Return 9/27/2002
Win-Tsuyoshi Kohsaka TKO UFC 37-High Impact 5/10/2002
Win-Jeff Monson TKO UFC 35-Throwdown 1/11/2002
Win-Pete Williams TKO UFC 34-High Voltage 11/2/2001
Win-Andrei Arlovski TKO UFC 32-Showdown in the Meadowlands 6/29/2001
Win-Paul Buentello Submission KOTC 7-Wet and Wild 2/24/2001
Win-John Marsh Decision PRIDE 12-Cold Fury 12/9/2000
Win-Giant Ochiai Submission PRIDE 10-Return of the Warriors 8/27/2000
Win-Gary Goodridge Decision PRIDE 9-New Blood 6/4/2000
Win-Travis Fulton Submission KOTC 2-Desert Storm 2/5/2000
Win-Sam Adkins Submission Armageddon-Armageddon 2 11/23/1999
Loss-Bobby Hoffman KO SB 13-SuperBrawl 13 9/7/1999
Win-Steve Shaw Submission RITC 6-Rage in the Cage 6 7/10/1999
Win-Rocky Batastini Submission EC-Extreme Cage 3/25/1999
Win-Scott Adams Decision EC-Extreme Cage 3/25/1999

-He went into a depression after leaving the UFC
-More than 60% of his wins are by submission
-He now fights as a Super Heavyweight
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That was a long time ago, hes not the same guy now. He wont be contender again in a big show unless he really gets his shit together
I know, But Ron Waterman is an old washed up fighter and the fight was a disaster. looked like crap. Ricco is training with Tito Ortiz but still sucks, you probably havent seen the last Waterman fight but they both gassed from walking across the cage to face eachother. Ricco didnt stop him in any way either, he was to gassed to come out for the second round so it was ruled a tko while Ricco was finishing his round time snicker
dude it sucks man i loved ricco back then he was the shit ya know and the ufc screwed him over it sucks him in shape against sylvia now sylvia would get destroyed even in the first fight if ricco could have made it to 2nd or 3rd round he would have put on the punishment
rofl he was quoted saying "i may be fat but i still got skills " that made me laugh
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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