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Ron Waterman was born in Greeley, Colorado on November 23,1965. He stands 6'2 and weights in at 285lbs. Known as "H2O", Waterman is a professional wrestler and has two sons who are also into MMA. Waterman honed his skills in the Ohio Valley Wrestling system with the help of the WWE. Waterman has a winning record of 13-4-2.

Fighting History:
Loss-Ricco Rodriguez TKO WFA-King of the Streets 7/22/2006
Win-Ricco Rodriguez Decision WEC 16-Clash of the Titans 2 8/18/2005
Loss-Tsuyoshi Kohsaka Decision Pancrase-Brave 10 11/7/2004
Win-Kevin Randleman Submission PRIDE-Final Conflict 2004 8/15/2004
Win-Keigo Takamori Submission Pancrase-Brave 5 5/28/2004
Loss-Mirko Filipovic TKO PRIDE 27-Inferno 2/1/2004
Draw-Jimmy Ambriz Draw Pancrase-Hybrid 10 11/30/2003
Win-Jun Ishii Submission Pancrase-Hybrid 9 10/31/2003
Win-Jerry Vrbanovic Submission IFC-Global Domination 9/6/2003
Win-James Nevarez TKO WEC 7-This Time It's Personal 8/9/2003
Win-Valentijn Overeem Submission PRIDE 24-Cold Fury 3 12/23/2002
Win-Kengo Watanabe Verbal Submission Pancrase-2002 Anniversary Show 9/29/2002
Win-Satoshi Honma Decision UFC 25-Ultimate Japan 3 4/14/2000
Draw-Tim Lajcik Draw UFC 22-There Can Be Only One Champion 9/24/1999
Loss-Andre Roberts KO UFC 21-Return of the Champions 7/16/1999
Win-Chris Condo TKO UFC 20-Battle for the Gold 5/7/1999
Win-Matt Asher TKO BRI 1-Bas Rutten Invitational 1 2/6/1999
Win-Joshua Jenkins TKO BRI 1-Bas Rutten Invitational 1 2/6/1999
Win-Daniel James TKO BRI 1-Bas Rutten Invitational 1 2/6/1999

-While wrestling in Ohio Valley Wrestling his teammate was Brock Lesnar
-Waterman says other than Lesnar, Kurt Angle could have a successful MMA career
-He still wrestles in Japan along with his MMA career

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There are alot of fighters in his win/loss record I have never heard of but a submission victory over Kevin Randleman is impressive.
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