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Sengoku/Pancrase FW Champ Marlon Sandro Could Face Omigawa In DREAM vs Sengoku | Steve Rattlesnake

Sengoku and Pancrase FW champ Marlon Sandro spoke with Tatame about his current contract status and a possible rematch with Michihiro Omigawa whom he lost a controversial split decision in Sengoku 9. Here is the gist of the Portugese interview translated in English.

You’re open to other organizations or is unique to Sengoku?

"I have a contract with Sengoku and want to honor my contract with the Japanese. I can not turn my back on two events that threw me into the world of MMA, which was the pancreases and now Sengoku, which is a big event and they love me, treats me well. The public in Japan is very affectionate with me, lay track, people on the streets Holla at me, greet me and I am very grateful to it because I always dreamed of fighting in Japan"

Are you willing to fight in the American market?

"I feel yes, it’s a market for me, but I am well pleased in Japan, where I got a VIP treatment, no I will not have in the U.S. but in Japan and I’m stoked that title is of each one of my academy that is helping me."

What’s next commitment?

"I have a fight scheduled for September, the event Sengoku x Dream, except that I still have no opponent set. I could not fight at the end of last year in this fusion of the two major events in Japan, but this year they will bring forward to September and I’m already in preparation, though not yet have opponents. I believe that I will faceMichihiro Omigawa who is fighting at Dream and was the only guy who beat me, so I think they should give me the rematch."

This fight has a taste for it is a rematch?

"Sure, we already started working the bugs and I’ve done that since I lost, I’ve been working on top of things that I missed this fight and the result is positive, because I won three fights by knockout after this defeat and my goal for this fight with Omigawa is the knockout. I hope to continue like knocking on my struggles and ending as quickly as possible, not to injure me."
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