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Can't wait to see Izumi back in action. He gained a lot of haters because of him beating the fan favorite Shibata, some even said Izumi lost that fight, I thought he won.

Izumi is another one of these judo practitioners who isn't afraid to throw punches...this might be detrimental to him winning the fight, but it makes for an exciting back and forth fight.

His opponent is even better (Chang Seob Lee), the man throws punches with no worry of being knocked-out. Lee was featured on the Korean version of the Ultimate fighter, but don't turn your nose to him! Lee moves like a spry Igor Vovchanchyn, always head hunting. On top of that he is named after a DBZ character ( majin buu) so he has to live up to that.

This is the fight I'm looking forward to.

Sengoku 13: Majin buu vs. Tuna fisherman
Excellent post. I have not seen Lee yet, though I have heard he has potential. Izumi is one scrappy judoka. The more scrappy judoka's, the better.

Kanehara vs Sandro is going to be a great fight. I think Marlon will end up winning a decision, as Masanori is durable. Still, Sandro is pretty much better in all departments.

I still dig that Kikuta fights. Dude has been in the game for a while, and is one of the best Japanese grapplers of all time. Very underrated fighter. Loved his rivalry with Yuki Kondo.

Blanco should cave Damm's head in. That should be fun. You know, I had high hopes for Damm, but then he just sort of fizzled out. He still has a nice recent win over Reynolds.

I don't want to give on Kawamura, but I give up on Kawamura.
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