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Serra will reign supreme.

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Alright, I know this might sound ridiculous, but keep in mind, I don't read the spoilers because I really enjoy watching TUF episode by episode, and knowing who wins a fight before you watch it ruins it for me. MATT SERRA IS GONNA WRECK THE COMPETITION AND GET HIS TITLE SHOT. THE FINAL WILL BE SERRA VS RIVIERA
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agreed. whoever stands in front of serra will end up laying on the ground because they just got KTFO!
I'll be rooting for him. Do you think he be able to take on Matt Hughes if he wins this compitition?
MMA freak said:
How will Rivera be in the finals with Serra when Rivera is in a completely different weight class?

I think Matt Serra will win because I can't think of anyone in the welterweight division that can beat him. Shonie Carter, Edwin Dewees, Din Thomas, not a chance. He should be able to win. I think its him and Lytle in the finals.

In the middleweight division I think its either going to be one of the four Rivera, Cote, Lutter, or Sell in the finals. I'm thinking Lutter and Sell so far because Sell beat Baroni and I feel was stopped short against Quarry. Travis Lutter beat Marvin Eastman pretty fast as well. Maybe Jorge Rivera can make it because he beat Loiseau pretty easily and all. I don't think Cote has a chance though.
Edwin DeWee's is a middleweight!

Charles Mccarthy
Patrick Cote
Pete Sell
Edwin Dewees
Gideon Ray
Jorge Rivera
Travis Lutter
Scott Smith


Din Thomas
Jeremy Jackson
Shonie Carter
Pete Spratt
Mikey Burnett
Matt Serra
Rich Clementi
Chris Lytle

Simple as that
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