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Shields matching period expires

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Jake Shields attended last night’s UFC 115 event in Vancouver, Canada and spent some time talking with UFC president Dana White. It seems there was at least one Strikeforce fan in the crowd though - White and Shields had a beer throw at them as they stood talking together.

"When MacDonald lost, some dude threw a beer at me. That's never happened in 10 years. We threw his ass out quick. He hit me, Nate Diaz and Jake Shields,” White said at the post-event press conference.

"You know what I love about our fans? I jumped up and said, 'Who the **** threw that?' The whole place went, 'He did!' You go to a football game, everybody would just sit there, and you don't know who threw it. The whole fuckin’ place went, 'He threw it!'"

White also revealed that he and Shields have begun negotiations aimed at getting the Strikeforce middleweight champion to join the UFC. Shields is currently a free agent following the expiry of his contract earlier this year. Strikeforce’s match period has also expired, which means they no longer have the option to match any offer made by other promoters.

Negotiations are ongoing and White poured cold water on rumours that emerged last week regarding a deal already being done. "We haven't signed him yet. Trust me, I'll let you guys know when we sign him - the second we do.”
Welcome to the UFC Mr Shields this is Mr Fitch
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Fitch? I don't think that fight is happening right away. First off Fitch is fighting Alves at UFC 117. Also, I'm pretty sure Shields will start his UFC career at MW, if he does sign. Shields has put the weight on properly to get to 185, and he's done very, very well at that weight class. I'd prefer to see him start at MW TBH, there are enough wrestlers at WW as it is. Let him hammer Marquardt like Sonnen did TBH.
I think Shields will fight at WW in the UFC. That seems to be the word.

Anyways, I don't see it being Fitch either. It is too risky. You can bet your ass that Shields first fight will be a nmber 1 contender fight. And the last person the UFC wants to fight for the title again is Jon Fitch. Plus, Fitch is too risky for Shields. UFC won't make it. If Alves wins I can see that fight happening. If not Alves I can see them putting him in there with someone like Kampmann or Hardy.
do people really care that much about jake shields? the guy is super boring and will be nothing but an average fighter in the UFC WW division.
Jake is a decent fighter but I believe he has to be put in the WW division. He didn't look THAT impressive against Mayhem basically just layed on top of him for the whole fight. He even got put into a RNC that he was very lucky not to get put to sleep.He's undersized in a way for a MW
It was Mayhem Miller that threw the beer.

Seriously though, when I read that Diaz got hit I was sure I was getting ready to read about the fight that insued.
What does it matter? Dana is not going to sign him until it's clear if he even keeps his license to fight in the states.
meh i dont care much about shields... unless he's getting owned :thumb02:
meh i dont care much about shields... unless he's getting owned :thumb02:
there should be some of that when he gets to the ufc. he dominated henderson control wise that whole fight, but how can you not finish a fight when you have mount in every round? i think his wrestling is great but not enough for some of the mws and wws
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