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IFL Clears Proving Ground For Wes Sims VS Daniel Gracie Grudge-Rematch
By Cindy Ortiz, May 16, 2006

The Wes “The Project” Sims VS Daniel Gracie main event Super-Fight rumored to be on the IFL’s June 3rd “Legends Championship” card was confirmed this afternoon. According to IFL Commissioner Kurt Otto, “A request was made for the IFL to allow these two heavyweight warriors another opportunity to go at it because neither one of them felt their first fight determined a definitive winner. We made adjustments to our June 3rd “Legends Championship” line up in order to accommodate this grudge fight/grudge rematch… whatever you want to call it because the fighters wanted it and the fans wanted to see it. I’m expecting World War III when these two step inside the ring!”

MMA fans may recall the first time Wes “The Project” Sims and Daniel Gracie faced off was at the Gracie Fighting Championship in March in conjunction with the Arnold Sports Expo in Columbus, Ohio. The much anticipated main event officially resulted in a draw and Wes Sims was carried out of the convention center on a stretcher. Spectators witnessed Gracie pile-drive three illegal knees to the face of his opponent in response to Sims landing what was deemed to be an intentional head-butt to Gracie earlier in the fight.

After the judges subtracted points for the fouls committed, as instructed by the referee, the fight was declared a draw. In the aftermath, Sims and his management filed an appeal with the Ohio State Athletic Commission to have the result of Sims VS Gracie changed to a disqualification of Gracie for the intentional knees that sent Sims to the hospital. The request was denied Sims attorney has filed an appeal to have the case reviewed at a higher level.

Sims and Gracie both declared their interest in fighting the other again, each citing they are positive they would reign supreme if granted a rematch. Since it is not yet known if the Gracie Fighting Championship will return to Columbus, Ohio as part of the Arnold Sports Expo in 2007, a request was made asking the IFL to consider featuring the rematch of Sims VS Gracie as part of the upcoming event.

June 3rd “Legends Championship” Fight Card:

Silverbacks VS Tigersharks for the IFL Team Championship Finals
Silverbacks LW Bart Palaszewski 20-7-0 VS Tigersharks LW Rafael Dias 6-1-0
Silverbacks WW Rory Markham 6-1-0 VS Tigersharks WW Brad Blackburn 8-7-0
Silverbacks MW Ryan McGivern 7-1-0 VS Tigersharks MW Dennis Hallman 36-11-2
Silverbacks LHW Travis Wiuff 40-8-0 VS Tigersharks LHW Reese Andy 2-0-0
Silverbacks HW Ben Rothwell 17-5-0 VS Tigersharks HW Devon Cole 5-1-0

The IFL is also finalizing several “Super Fights” which at this time will feature New York-based Erik Owings (1-0-0, Covington, KY), Alex Schoenauer (9-4-0, Yakima, WA), New Jersey native Jamal Patterson (1-0-0, Hoboken, NJ) and Long Island’s son Jay Hieron (8-2-0, Freeport, NY). Additional details will be announced shortly.

The main event Super-Fight will feature the much anticipated rematch of Wes “The Project” Sims VS Daniel Gracie!

Fox Sport Net (FSN) will televise the June 3rd finals on June 4th at 6PM (EST), the third installment of IFL special programming produced and directed by Emmy award-winning producer Peter Lasser, who has worked on several Olympic telecasts as well as with ESPN, NBC Sports, NFL Films and FSN, among others. According to insiders who have gotten a “sneak peek” of Lasser’s work on the first two segments slated to air on FSN May 21st and May 28th, the production is spectacular and the action is non-stop!

Tickets are on sale now for the IFL “Legends Championship” taking place on Saturday, June 3 at 8pm at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. Tickets are priced from $35 - $150 and available at all Ticketmaster outlets, www.ticketmaster.com (1.800.736.1420), and the Taj Mahal Box Office.
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