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So, they say its fixed.....

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Thats what ive been hearing around the water cooler, it's all rigged.

This originally came up when discussing the Royce vs Matt fight. Some are saying Royce will be made to win to keep him as the king.

Im not sold on it being bs, anyone else out there thinking the same way, that its fake?
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I'm not a Hughes fan, but I don't think he seems like the type of guy to allow that to happen against himself.
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Craig said:
I'm not a Hughes fan, but I don't think he seems like the type of guy to allow that to happen against himself.


the almighty speaks :D
fight fixed?

Oh man, c'mon you guys! I agree with Craig, I'm definitely not a Hughes OR a Gracie fan, but I seriously doubt either of them would have anything to do with that crap...this isn't boxing, you know? My problem with that fight is much simpler...WHO CARES???? Seriously, all I wanna see is St.Pierre kick Hughes' ass, so what up with this lame excuse of a fight? And not even for the belt? I buy every pay per view, but Dana screwed up this time, and he's not gettin my hard earned coin for this bullshit. But fixed? I doubt it!
You got to think...this fight is not for just fighters to watch. This is about Dana rakin in the dough! I would much rather see st.Pierre fight Matt. At least that would be for the belt.
For those of us that have been watching ufc since #1, this is the fight to see. Gracie was so dominant back then, and Dana keeps running his mouth about Hughes be'n the best now. I like Dana, but when he likes a fighter they go straight to the top. Just ask Nate Quarry. He learned a hard lesson. I just want to see if Gracie still has it. After he makes Hughes look retarded then St. Pierre can take the F'n belt. I said it before, but it's gonna be a bad year for Hughes.
no. I think dana white doesn't want matt to lose to royce. that way matt will still be deemed unstoppable when it is time to fight gsp. More $ for Dana. They will hype it up that gsp is at the top of his game(which he is), and it will make people want to pay more money.(like it isn't expensive enough as it is)
Ya, Craig, I do know where you're coming from I guess, that it's interesting to see if Gracie still has it after all these years...do you really believe he's gonna beat hughes, by the way? I predict Hughes will knock him out in the first round. Oh, I know, I know...I bet you probably think I don't know ****, and maybe I will be wrong, but that's what I honestly believe is gonna happen, and I think Dana probably believes Hughes is gonna dominate him, too. That way it will be the perfect lead up to the GSP fight. ****, I don't even like Hughes, and since I also been watching Gracie since day 1 and got nothing but respect for the guy I wish he would win...I just think Hughes is gonna be way too strong for him, and I see some brutal G and P comin Royces way.
Hey, by the way, was I the only one who thought Griffin got robbed, that he won that fight against Tito and the only reason Tito got the decision was his past rep and the UFC wanting to also play him up again for another run at the title? I been surprised there wasn't more controversy on that fight, because I was trying to look at it completely objectively and it sure as hell looked to me as if ol Forrest there shoulda got the call. It WAS also in Titos hometown though, wasn't it...
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I don't think Matt will dominate. Royce is use to having much bigger guys facing him down. Kimo for example. Forrest did get robbed. Like I said, if you're one of Dana's favorites, then you've pretty much won the decision.
Forrest never got robbed the first round of the match was a deffinate 10 - 8 and to be honest i cant think of anything that Dana would want more then having his new upcoming reality star beat the man he dislikes so much

Royce Vs Hughes wont be rigged it would be to obvious if they did, i think Hughes will probs win but after that GSP is gonna take the best lol the guy is just so big
I don't care. I still gotta see it. Pay per view will have my bucks...like usual!
We get it for free over here in the UK :thumbsup:

Just gotta wait an extra day but i can live with that
I could wait a day to watch it for free! Where are you at in the UK?
UFC 60 on UK TV

Jim102, have you got any idea which channel it will be on 'cos I'd like to get someone in the UK to tape it for me.

@ oddtodd76 Im from Bristol which is in the south west of England

Animal its on Bravo and Bravo+1 an hour later :p
jim102 said:
@ oddtodd76 Im from Bristol which is in the south west of England

Animal its on Bravo and Bravo+1 an hour later :p
Really! I have been to Bristol. I have a ton of relatives that live there. Can't wait to go back!
I was all over England, but I didn't go and see the clifton bridge.
No way it's fixed that is so stupid. It's to tough to fix that stuff.
They could fix it if they really wanted, but they'd really gain nothing. If they were found out, that would be the end. No one would watch it anymore, and they'd be out millions. Oh, wait. WWE does need some competition.:cheeky4:
not so much rigged as

f'ed up judging. Bonnar got beat by Jardine, Hoger beat Rashad Evans, forrest got robbed. UFC is making headlines in respectable news venues and couldn't be more stupid if they were tampering with the matches.

I don't see how judges can score rounds for a guy who can only takedown and keepdown. Koscheck doesn't do anything other than NCAA double legs. His fights are boring!

The other thing that allows for the questions of cheating is the fact that the UFC hasn't done anything regarding publicized rankings. Nate Quarry for the RFranklin fight after 1-2 fights? JRiggs for a title fight? And how does Royce get an immediate title shot when he's not been in the UFC for 5+ years? When was the last time a Gracie won a competition (UFC or Pride?).
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